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Myleene tells them that they've all been clear about how strong the competition is, but even more clear about how strong the friendship is. They all nod agreeably, and she shows what they all have said about each other: Slow-motion Lou as John tells him how great it was living with him in the jungle; he made it ten times easier. "Mad love, fam." Torrie tells Lou how inspiring his inner strength is and how sweet it is that he loves his family so much. Next, Torrie. Lou says she's unique, with her determination, discipline, and femininity. He thinks she's a fine example to women. Especially women who would like to be bleach-blonde with implants. John calls himself her big brother, and tells her to take his kitchen lessons home and cook. He loves her. Torrie tells John how sincere and honest he is. She knows all of his advice is from the heart. Lou tells John he's looked up to him in more ways than one, because of his integrity. He's proud to have him as a close friend. They're all emotional when we come back, and Damien thanks them all for being such great campmates. They promise that all campers will reunite in camp later, and we'll declare a winner. Commercials.

Damien and Myleene are back with the ex-campmates in camp. Damien asks if it feels good to see them all again, and Lou's the only one who seems to sincerely, enthusiastically feel that it is good. He says they look beautiful. Our campers wonder what it's like to be clean again? Everyone laughs. Speidi is impressed at all the lost weight, but Spencer says he's been eating for all of them. Damien asks Daniel about his memories, and Daniel says trying to catch a fish and not succeeding was frustrating and he thinks he and Lou will stay for another week after this (yeah, I don't think Lou's on board). Myleene asks Heidi and Holly if they would have liked to be in camp together. Heidi thought they were going to be, and so did Holly. They are both disappointed and say "Maybe next season." As if there will be a next season. Patti says being back in the real world is wonderful. Myleene reminds us that Sanjaya won 9 out of 12 competitions. He smiles his big Sanjaya smile. He says his favorite trial was the Torture Tank, which he says was an unfair match because he loved it and no one else did.

Damien says they were all competitive when it was men versus women, and we flash back to a bunch of competitions: By the way, men won ten trials, women won three. Speaking of trials, we are back in camp last night to see the finalists eat their gourmet dinner. They have a little jungle table with stools and flowers. John welcomes them all to his crib. Lou says they're like civilized people. Torrie thinks this meal was a great reward for all the time they've spent here. John prays and they get their food. Torrie gets a large vegetarian pizza, Lou gets fried chicken with mashed potatoes, and John gets a tofu burger. They're all so happy. John says it was the perfect burger. But I have to disagree because it was lacking the best part of a burger: MEAT. They all talk about how happy they are. Torrie feels like she's an inspiration to women. John's glad they were great competitors, but he's fattened them all up for the kill. More commercials.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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