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Two Baldwins are Better Than One

Promo guy reminds us what show we're watching: Eleven celebrities are here. Or, you know, nine. And then ten. And possibly 12. Because of Speidi quitting and Daniel Baldwin coming and then Speidi wanting to come back. Tonight: Will they? Or won't they? And also: Someone will be eliminated "live." So, if this show is three weeks long, and they eliminate one person each week, how does that work exactly? Let's hope they speed up the eliminations soon. Credits. And then previouslies. But I already weecapped all the nonsense, so just go read the weecaps if you're curious what happened previously. Basically: Men win again and again. Janice was insane. The guys and Patti are immune from elimination. John and Janice fought. Daniel Baldwin showed up (and I think this was planned from the beginning, and he wasn't a replacement for Speidi). Speidi want back in, and we left the show "live" last night as the "celebrities" decided if Speidi could come back or not.

And now our hosts welcome us to the show. Tonight's the live elimination, and Torrie, Janice, Frances, or Angela will be going home. Oh, and the phone lines are closed, so I can't vote. And, also, apparently we can't vote Heidi out if she stays. Which is lame and really does make this all feel rigged, doesn't it? Convenient they leave just in time to avoid the vote and elimination, and want back just in time to be safe. Speaking of Speidi, Myleene and Damien recap what happened last night, with Speidi saying they want to come back, and are here for good this time. Damien asked the other campers if Speidi can come back, but we didn't get the answer last night. Now Janice argues to keep Spencer. She says they're spoiled brats, but she loves them. And she feels she's the one person win the universe who could reform Spencer. If Janice Dickinson is your reformer, that's a pretty sad statement. Sanjaya thinks they're not horrible, but have made horrible decisions. Angela says she just said "no," but realized that's not how democracy works. Frances doesn't like them, either. John points out that the girls' team could use Heidi, who was good at the food challenges. Angela says she'll leave if they come back, because it's not fair. Janice says she won't let Angela leave, and will tie her to a tree if she has to. Then Janice tells us Angela's a lot of hot air. As opposed to Janice, of course, who never talks unnecessarily.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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