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Back at camp, everyone eats, including the women. The men share their food every night. Torrie says they're pretty much rebels and rule-breakers. But then the guys find there's only one lobster for their dinner. Janice is all, "No. No, no, no, no. That is... no!" Because they showed three lobsters at the food trial, so that's what they expected. Hey, maybe this is finally their punishment for all the food cheating. Yep. There's a note that says as much, which Sanjaya reads. Maybe the girls would really try for food if they stopped doing this. The guys debate and discuss it, and Daniel suggests they should probably go back to following the rules. He's been waiting for this to happen, and thinks this is the last meal they should cheat-eat.

Myleene again, for some reason, then we're back in the jungle, where Lou reads a scroll that says time is running out for one of them. (How is it only running out for one?! This game is confusing me.) At the end of the week, America will vote someone out forever. There's an individual immunity challenge this week, called "Hang Tough." Janice really wants to win. Daniel wants to drink more electrolyte water. Damien's in the jungle clearing, where "Hang Tough" will take place. The "celebrities" show up at the clearing, and Damien tells them he loves seeing them. Really, Damien? How is that possible? He chitchats with Patti about not having immunity this week so far. She'll fight for it, though. Daniel feels this might be a Sanjaya event, because "he's really really thin, and I'm really fat." Daniel's holding a photo of someone. He says he's not competitive with Stephen, because Stephen promised to vote for him "when he goes home." Torrie says she's not sure how she'll do at this, adding, "We'll see how my grip is." Um, okay, I'm not touching that. Janice is sitting out, which she says is "doctor's orders," but she'll root for everyone else. Damien explains "Hang Tough": It's a test of endurance. The celebrity who can hang tough longest wins immunity. We head to commercial as they get into position for the competition.

We're back with Damien and the hanging, tough celebrities. They're basically standing on a bar hanging onto another bar above what looks like a swamp. The bar under them moves, and they're just hanging by their arms. Stephen talks to his children. Damien says the last one hanging wins immunity. John's so tall that his feet are in the swamp water, which I think is a disadvantage. Myleene says we'll get to vote next time. Oh, and we'll get another new arrival: Holly Montag. Janice immediately is scheming with her. Daniel still hates Janice. Oh, and there is no episode Tuesday night, but I'll see you for two more hours on Wednesday night.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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