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Speidi Finally Gone For Good

Myleene and Damien tell us it's raining in the rain forest, and that we'll get to see some stuff happen later. Recapping the Speidi situation, and then we're back in camp. Everyone wonders if Speidi made it through the night. Daniel thinks they did, and that they'll slowly but surely become assholes again. I agree with all of that, except that it won't be "slowly." Speidi survives the night. Heidi says it was "grueling" and they only got through it thanks to "praying and Jesus." They show up at camp, and Spencer tells everyone he's never been more excited to see faces in his life. Not their faces, necessarily, just faces. Janice hugs him and whispers she's the only one who wanted them back. He's all, "Duh, duh." Except that it was a vote, and you're back, so there can't be a lot of truth to that. Too bad Spencer's not smart enough to outsmart the crazy idiot woman. Hugs all around. Janice whispers to Heidi, too. Spencer tells the story about how they started praying after leaving, and Heidi started reading the Bible. While she was doing that, Spencer started pouring water out of his pores and throwing up. Heidi kept reading and he fell in a creek and floated away and then had to go back. None of that made sense, so whatever. Spencer explains his battle between good and evil. Lou: "Interesting." Stephen believes the redemption is authentic. Wow, Stephen is even dumber than I thought. Although Lou even says he sees an effort and even a "spark of humanity" in them. So, okay, maybe they're trying harder to pretend. Daniel thinks Speidi's brand of religion is "convenient Christianity." He would know, you guys. His brother is totally born again!

Later, Heidi tells Sanjaya she can't wait for him to hear her album. Then he asks her to sing a song. She does, and it's possibly worse than you might imagine. Janice rolls her eyes. Frances tries hard not to throw up. The song is called "You're Twisted." Then Janice tells Heidi that sounded like "a cat that someone has put water on." Yes, a drowned cat. She said if she were in New York and someone sang like that, they'd tell her to shut up. Janice explains later that it was constructive criticism, but Lou thinks it was mean to hurt Heidi's feelings like that. Janice: "She did sound like a cat that needed water being doused on [sic]. I'm sorry." Long pause. "Maybe that's not a very nice thing to say, but it's the truth." She tells Heidi to take it down an octave next time, and Spencer warns Janice to tell her that in private next time if she doesn't want a problem with him. They bicker, but then Spencer doesn't want to go there because he doesn't want to "Spence out." Lou sticks up for Heidi, saying it obviously hurt her feelings. He laughs that he's on Spencer's side this time, and that he handled it well. Janice finds Heidi and apologizes. Heidi quickly accepts. So does Spencer. He says the new Spencer's trying to love everyone and be who God wants him to be. Spencer and Heidi cuddle and he tells her he loves cats. Commercials.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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