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Speidi Finally Gone For Good

Sanjaya's first in the tank. The water is almost to his waist by the time he gets two locks quickly. Crocodiles and frogs are joining him in the tank. He gets the third lock. The water's pretty much over his head when he gets the fourth lock. He has to swim up to breathe, then down under to get keys and unlock the locks. The tank's almost full of water when he gets his fifth lock. Damien and Myleene tell us it's getting exciting. But it's not. Sanjaya gets his final lock open and he goes underwater and starts wiggling around. He picks up a little green frog as the water's let out. He tells Damien and Myleene he was more worried about stepping on the creatures than anything else. Janice's turn. She's ready, and thanks America. She gets in the tank and... commercial. Can you take the suspense?!

And we still have to suffer through our "live" hosts chatting before we're back at the food trial. Myleene is truly a cheesy reality host, because she gives us a "But first" to take us back to the food trial. Then Damien re-explains the rules. And then Janice is in the tank. Water pours in quickly. Janice starts freaking out when the snakes come in. But Janice picks up all the cases, keeping them in her mouth and hands. Crocs come in and Janice freaks out, trying to climb above the water. I think the water is filling more slowly for her. But she says "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here" and they let her out. Janice apologizes to America, and then explains she panics, "like you read about." She says she didn't even know she had this fear, but I did because I saw her face when they told her there would be company in the tank. The men eat again. Janice says she did her best, but the women won't like it. Then she says that Sanjaya's fearless and can do anything. On the way back to camp, Sanjaya tells Janice he loves reptiles, so he had no problem. She knew he'd be great at it.

Back at camp, the women start to congratulate Janice for winning. But then Sanjaya's all, "Psych!" Janice cries and tells the girls how traumatizing this all is. Patti hopes to break their losing streak soon. Janice says she wanted to win, but failed because of being "catastrophically traumatized." While that might be overstating it, I am surprised she can say both of those words. Daniel offers a meal to one woman only, and Janice freaks out. She wants food, because she's sick. Poor Janice. She looks sick, but I think that's just what she looks like: a drunk mess of plastic surgery and drug use. She cries in her bed and calls Sanjaya over. She tells him how much she was freaked out today, and how it wasn't an act. He tells her it's important to be strong, but also to know she doesn't always have to be. He kisses her on the forehead, and they hug. Daniel tells Patti he's not buying any of Janice's act, and can't even watch. Patti agrees. Janice stops crying and tells Sanjaya she feels better now, because he's a healer. It's notable that he and everyone else appears to be covered in red bites and/or rashes. Commercials, after which we will get to see Heidi collapse. THANK GOD. What this show's been missing is Speidi drama.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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