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Speidi Finally Gone For Good

Myleene and Damien are back again, recapping and leading us back to the jungle with a stupid joke. Myleene sets it up by saying some "celebrities" have taken to the jungle like a duck to water. Damien: "Or, like a pop star to a jungle." Myleene: "Ooh, good one." Which, a) No, it wasn't a good one; and b) Like she didn't know he was going to read their written dialogue. HATE. Anyway, that leads us to Sanjaya being the jungle boy we have all grown to love. He tells us he's totally in his element with his war paint (which he does seem to be sporting all the time). He says he's here, he's supposed to be here because he is the king of the jungle. Then he grunts loudly. It's awesome. Lou says Sanjaya's skills are limitless and he continues to amaze Lou. He makes paint out of jungle materials and paints a picture. He makes Stephen a hand-woven bracelet, which Stephen praises until it breaks, and he's all, "I knew that kid was a punk!" Hee. Sanjaya also made a broom because he was tired of the ground being so dirty. I adore you, Sanjaya, but it's THE GROUND. Patti says everyone else is at ease, in their boots, and afraid of everything, while Sanjaya's barefoot and making stuff. He picks up these curved sticks and asks what they can be used for, then starts making a rocking chair. Janice loves him because he whittles, doodles, and sings. She says he's just a "happy happy spirit" and is turning into jungle boy. Does anyone not like Sanjaya? I am thinking the answer is no. In fact, I bet a lot of us are regretting kicking him off American Idol now, aren't we? I could not love him more right now (I actually did vote for him on Idol, and not even just to be ironic). I can't tell if it's that he's so awesome in comparison to all of these tools, or if he's really awesome. I'm going to choose to believe it's the latter.

Speidi are dancing and ask Sanjaya to sing for them. Then Heidi starts to feel sick again. Daniel asks what's wrong with her stomach, and Spencer says, "The jungle." She doesn't think she's ever been this sick. She's vomiting in the jungle. Lou thinks she needs energy and that when you're fasting you need to keep your strength up. Torrie says that Heidi needs to worry about her health. Patti thinks she wasn't doing what she needed to do to take care of herself. They were on a spiritual fast, and she wasn't drinking water. She's smart like that. Everyone's worried about her. Lou says, "The little girl needs attention." I think he says it, I think, in sympathy, but it also sums up the drama that is Speidi pretty well. They call the medic. Spencer wants to stay, but he has to get her out of here. Dramatic music as an ambulance takes us to commercial.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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