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Speidi Finally Gone For Good

We jump back into the ambulance, where Heidi feels sick. She says she threw up 10 or 15 times last night. They take her to a jungle clinic, and give her an IV to hydrate her. Spencer breathes deeply and tells her how much he loves her as she cries. He tells her that Jesus loves her more than anyone. Um, yeah, I don't think Jesus plays favorites like that. And if he did, I'm thinking he would not choose her as his favorite. The doctor has to get her to a new place where he can run more tests. More dramatic music. Back in the jungle, Lou has a Heidi update: She went to San Jose for a stomach scan (I could have told you that). Patti hopes she's okay. Janice thinks it's another act, but Sanjaya thinks the puking might indicate otherwise. Torrie and John say it seemed pretty real, and Sanjaya suggests it's the devil coming out of her. Daniel thinks Speidi should pack it in, since Heidi might not be cut out for this, and they're "a bit of a distraction." That's sort of like saying Janice Dickinson is "a bit crazy" or Stephen Baldwin is "a bit of a reality show whore," isn't it? Daniel thinks the fast was stupid, and thinks she was even dumber for not drinking the water with electrolytes. He says it was their choice to get her sick. Hey, maybe NBC's airing that as defense, since Speidi's getting sue-happy now. In San Jose, the doctor's going to take blood tests.

Back at camp, Janice wants attention. Everyone is happy, but she asks Sanjaya for a massage. In the confessional, Sanjaya explains that he doesn't mind helping people, but Janice likes taking advantage of that. We gets lots of shots of her asking him to do stuff. John says Janice is over the top, and he's done with her now, just like everyone else is. John's washing his hands of her because she's mean, selfish... "and she's... she's a witch." Daniel hates her and can't understand why Sanjaya does everything for her. He thinks he must have watched her modeling show or something. John tells Sanjaya to stop letting her boss him around. Daniel says confronting her leaves you stuck with Janice in a bad mood, which is even worse than lazy Janice. But he keeps telling her that anyway. She says that when she's feeling better, she'll be glad to help. Then in the confessional, she calls him an asshole and says he just talks "mindless chatter" (she's one to talk). In the river, Daniel and John talk shit about Janice not doing anything. Well, mostly Daniel talks and John listens. But he nods, and then says he's over her. Daniel says it's the camp's fault, and it's going to end now.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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