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We're back in the "jungle," where the announcer reminds us that 11 celebrities have been dropped. Eight remain, but a new camper is joining them tonight. That would be Heidi's sister, Holly Montag. Oh, and also, the women finally step up, but can they win? Patti talks more politics and drama. Everyone hates Janice. In other words: Same old, same old. Thanks for the recap, show, but I already took care of that. Lame opening credits, followed by previouslies. So, even more recapping. The guys won everything. Frances left, keeping Frangela intact. Sanjaya was awesome. And the men were finally punished for sharing their food with the selfish losers... er, women. Speidi quit, then came back when NBC offered them more money, then Heidi got sick and they left for good. And the "celebrities" were competing in a "live" immunity challenge when Monday's episode ended.

Damien and Myleene banter. It's as boring as ever. Tonight, though, we can finally vote again to save our favorite celebrity, because someone is going home again tomorrow night. We flash back to the start of Monday's immunity trial, "Hang Tough," in which the celebrities hang above a swamp. Janice doesn't compete, but she tells America she really wants to be here, but she's not feeling well. Which I almost believe, because she certainly looks horrifyingly bad. John Salley's feet are in the water. Patti drops first, about two minutes in. She'll be up for elimination, which means she's probably out, because she has to have fewer fans than anyone else. Daniel's out next, telling us he has multiple steel plates and metal screws in his back. John's out next, saying he "got weak-minded for a second." Stephen falls next, saying he felt the skin on his hands might break. He does add, "I guess that's a bit of a testament to how wimpy my hands are," solidifying my feeling that he should actually be on more reality shows, not fewer.

We're down to Lou, Sanjaya and Torrie. She says she wanted to try, but figured she couldn't last against them. Everyone talks about how threatened they were by the other two. Torrie's out. Sanjaya drops, and lets Lou have immunity. He tells us that he feels confident he won't need immunity this week, so he wanted to give it to Lou, who deserved it. Sanjaya is so awesome. I sort of want him to win this, except that I also want to not care enough about this show to make that statement. Back at camp, Daniel tells Torrie he thinks she's safe for doing so well at the challenge, and that Patti will go unless America surprises them all and sends Janice out. Then Torrie and Daniel talk about how great Janice feels until it's time for a challenge. They're sick of her, and making her look bad to America, right? Commercials.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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