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Daniel can't believe no one will admit to taking it, and Janice says, "Oh, come on, man. No one here steals." But Torrie says she counted four bars the first time. John starts singing a song that says something about him having a feeling. Then we're back outside of camp with Myleene and Daniel, who tell us they're about to head into camp to put Lou's leadership skills to the test. They head in and greet everyone. Myleene reminds them they're live. They all say hi to their "fans." Holly says she settled right in. Sanjaya says he always enjoys life in the jungle, and everywhere else. Torrie says she's getting better at this by the day. Patti says the people she's met are her favorite part of this experience. John says he's competitive, and in it to win it. Stephen says it's easy and fun to have his brother here, especially when they beat John in volleyball. They ask Lou how he's doing, and he says he's keeping his strength up to keep on leading this camp. In other words: blah, blah, blah, small talk, blah.

Myleene tells camp that they've told him that leadership brings privileges, which could not be more true tonight, since he'll get to talk to a loved one later tonight. But he also, right now, has to choose two camp members to also talk to their loved ones back home. Everyone starts complimenting him. Myleene and Damien tell him he has to choose now, and it's his decision alone. He says Daniel has a wife who's eight months pregnant. They ask him who else, and he ponders deeply. Myleene says they know it's difficult. He tells Patti to check in with Rod. Everyone claps, agreeing with his decisions. Sanjaya jumps up and down for America, and everyone is happy, although Lou looks thoughtful and sort of sad. I think he's a really good man and feels bad he could only choose two. Things seem to weigh on him. Myleene and Damien tell us they'll be using Skype to call home, and remind us to vote. See you tomorrow night for more crazy than we can stand.

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DeAnn is a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon. You can contact her at twopmodmars@gmail.com.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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