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Janice: Even Crazier Than Speidi

Back with Myleene and Damien, who just swallowed a bug "live." They tell us it's hot and muggy, and remind us that the Baldwin brothers are acting childish and Janice is a baby. Back in camp, Janice says she's trying to camp, but she feels it's everyone against her. She hates the Baldwin brothers for taking pot-shots at her. Stephen compares Janice to Courtney Love. Daniel says everyone would love Janice to be sent home. She hates him, she hates him, she hates him. And she calls him an evil toad. Lou says Janice is getting to everyone, even sweet Torrie. Janice uses all of the sugar for coffee. Lou thinks he might have to pull Janice aside so she doesn't feel like she's being ganged up on. He feels this is his role as camp leader. He wants to go in with a feather duster, but thinks he might have to come back with a sledgehammer later.

Lou asks Janice if she'd like to have a word. She says no, because she's busy tweezing, but then she says she'll go, but she knows this means something. He very calmly tells her he wants to give her the "heads-up" that there's a lot of tension. She says: "Say it!" He says some of her behaviors are rubbing people the wrong way. He says her outspoken, strong, flamboyant way is not going over well. She asks how he'd like her to be, and he says the fact that she eats all the food is not good, since everyone's hungry. He says people feel she's first in line and taking multiple portions. She says she'll wait until last to eat and take the scraps they throw at her. He tries to comfort her as she cries and says she's been sick, but she tells him not to touch her. She says she can hear everyone dissing her and turning their backs. She says it's Patti, Torrie, Stephen and Daniel. She says she'll show them by just not eating. Lou mimes shooting himself in the head in the confessional because, you know, it didn't go great. But he then says it didn't go as bad as it could have.

Back in camp, Lou tells everyone Janice is going to make an effort, but she has a chip on her shoulder and is bitter right now toward everyone. He tells them it's kind of what he expected, but he made his attempt. He asks them to lay off on the snarky comments (um, that better not pertain to me, Lou). John swears at that request. Because, apparently, John's life is nothing without the snark. Sort of like this site. Daniel says his snarky comments are all provoked by her. Stephen says that Janice doesn't realize she's slowly throwing coal every day into a furnace, and that furnace is Daniel and John. Now Daniel's swearing. Stephen tells Daniel he's exhausting. Daniel says that both of them are powder kegs, and that, when they blow -- which John already did once -- it's going to be Mount St. Helens. And more commercials.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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