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Bad Decision, America

Previously: Lou won immunity. Holly Montag arrived, and Janice loved her. The girls won two trials in a row, finally. Janice was crazy and everyone hated her. The "celebrities" get to talk to their families at home. And we, America, have voted the next person out of the "jungle." Oh, and it's "live." Opening credits, which now include Holly. Myleene and Damien invite us to "Day 11" of "the ordeal of a lifetime." The phone lines are closed, so the celebrity with the fewest votes will be sent packing. Then they remind us once again about what they're calling "granola-gate." It apparently turned the Baldwins into detectives.

Morning in the jungle. Stephen looks thoughtful. Daniel swims. Holly primps in a mirror. Lou hopes today will be a much better day than yesterday, which he says was "trying." Flashbacks to Janice stealing the granola bar and leaving the wrapper outside of the confessional. Stephen explains that Patti found the wrapper this morning. We see Patti tell Stephen, and then tell John. Shot of Janice primping. Stephen interviews that the process of elimination might lead one to assume that the camper who has already exhibited behavior of "a klepto, and a sociopath, and a pathological liar" might be the person who stole the granola bar. In camp, Stephen asks Janice if she's ever tried to rob an insurance company. She says she's not a thief, so he asks if she's a pathological liar. Daniel asks her about the granola bar, and she keeps asking them to lighten up and leave her alone. She calls Daniel a bully, and he says he's not even talking to her because she's dead to him. Then he proceeds to talk to her by asking where the granola bar is. Stephen laughs. Janice tells him not to laugh, and says he's punch-drunk. Then she flips him off. Lou says the Baldwin boys are bad together, and he might have to separate them. He tells the Baldwins to leave it alone, and Daniel agrees to, then asks, "Where's the granola bar?" Myleene and Damien mock granola bars and the "celebrities," then send us back to close-up shots of bugs.

Janice screams about how the bugs are driving her crazy. She got bit by a bullet ant yesterday. She shows us her ass, and says, "Right there! In my supermodel butt!" Holly says everyone's covered in bites. We see Sanjaya's bite-covered back. Torrie explains that they have been given "incense-covered stickers" to help keep the bugs away because it's just getting worse and worse. Stephen says those don't really help because a bug will bite your ass if it finds a spot where it doesn't mind the smell. Sanjaya can't describe how itchy he is. Stephen counts bites on his arm, and gets up to 22 on that arm. Sanjaya explains which parts of his body they like. Lou says the bugs in the jungle are impervious to their defenses. Stephen loves covering himself in citronella spray, and he and Sanjaya sing an awesome ode to citronella. It's basically the "Hallelujah," from Handel's Messiah, but with "Citronella! Citronella!" instead. Commercials.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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