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It Did What in the Rain Forest?!

John feels good, because he likes winning. He says he was already a leader, and learned from Lou how to be more diplomatic. Janice asks for work. He says he once said he'd have Janice do everything if he was leader, but now all he wants from her is an hour of quiet time a day. He says if he can get Janice to be quiet, "I'm a really good leader. And... a magician." I love him. He better win immunity this week, because I don't want him going home yet. That, or America could vote for him to stay since they voted for him in every other category ever. John reads his first scroll. He smiles broadly because it's pictures of his family. John gets teary-eyed in the confessional and says the pictures are one of the best gifts he's ever gotten, and he can't wait to get home. "But not without a trophy."

At nighttime, Stephen tells everyone how much he thought this was going to suck, and how he thought everyone would be whacked. But he was totally wrong. Um, no, Stephen, you were totally right. Or are we watching a different show?! Torrie says one of her favorite things is when they all sit around camp and say nice things about each other. This night, they're talking about their closest friend in camp. Stephen talks about Lou, because he thinks they've had similar experiences. Lou talks nice about Stephen, too. They've apparently known each other for 20 years. John says Patti, who kept him from jumping off a cliff or walking across that bridge. He says she's his "BFF in camp." Patti reciprocates, saying John's super-considerate, super-smart and so funny. They are totally BFFs. Who would have expected that? Torrie says Janice reminds her of her best friend at home, but she's known Stephen since before this and she chose him as her guardian angel before the show started.

Holly says she appreciates everyone, but she's the same age-ish as Sanjaya. Everyone calls her a "cougar!" She hopes they've made a lifelong friendship. Sanjaya reciprocates, saying it was fun before she was here, but it's more fun now. Everyone acts like middle-schoolers, all, "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" Janice says, "Sanjolly is in full tilt," and then pretends to be cupid and shoot an arrow at them. Okay, I love Sanjolly. The name and the couple. Janice's turn. She says she loves them all, but is going to go try to take a shit. Apparently, Janice chooses poo as her best friend. Myleene tells us Damien's braving the weather to head to the jungle clearing. Back in the jungle, John reads them a scroll that says a new immunity trial is coming up. This is the one to win, because it will keep them in the game for the last week, which is apparently next week. Everyone wants to win and will do anything to get this. Myleene sends us back to commercials.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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