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It Did What in the Rain Forest?!

Time for another scroll. Lou reads that it's time for each team to select two members to battle in the next luxury competition. The two team members who win will get a relaxing massage. The guys quickly decide on Lou and John. Patti and Torrie want to do it. Everyone really wants to win, because, hello?! It's a massage. They get to a scroll in a jungle clearing that tells them the competition is called "Walk the Plank." One team member will be the plank walker, and the other will be the cranker. The cranker will crank a wench to shorten the opposing team's plank. The shorter the plank is, the harder it will be to stay on the plank. Whoever stays on it longest wins. They see their massage therapist. John and Patti are plank walkers, while the muscle-bound competitors, Lou and Torrie, are the crankers. John talks smack at Torrie the whole time, driving everyone crazy, even his own teammate Lou. John explains he sometimes doesn't even know what he's saying when he's in a competition. But apparently it backfired, because Torrie totally gets John off the plank first. She was happy to shut his mouth. Patti and Torrie love their massages. Lou and John arrive back in camp. They say they lost because of "freakin' Torrie." Janice, John and Lou agree she's "a beast" and she's "fantastic." Lou says no one should take Torrie lightly in any competition. Lou has total respect for Torrie, because her muscles aren't just cosmetic. Commercials.

Myleene and Damien welcome us back in their "makeshift studio," according to Myleene. They talk about the thunder and lightning some more. They really should be meteorologists. They take us back to the jungle, where all eight campers are crammed into the confessional, where they've been sent for health and safety reasons. Also, you can donate to the charities. Back in camp, Janice is telling Lou how pretty his wife is and how lucky he is. He agrees. Lou explains that Janice was very sad after the calls to home, because she didn't get to call home. Lou asks her about her daughter, and she talks about how she had a son with her husband, and then her husband left, so she started doing drugs. Then she had sex with Stallone and another guy she was dating. She got pregnant, and the DNA test said it wasn't Stallone's, so she never told the other guy that he had a child. Lou confessionals that Janice has overcome a lot and that vulnerable side of her is a side she protects, and he feels honored that she trusted him to talk about that. Janice says she wanted Lou to know that she, too, loves her family and misses them. She tells him how hard she's worked to be there for her daughter. She cries in the confessional about how much she misses her teenage children.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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