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It Did What in the Rain Forest?!

Rain pours later, and Stephen says the sudden downpours can really affect your mood. Lou says that the tropical storms cause a lull, "doldrums, if you will." Everyone lays around looking bored. Then Lou reads a scroll telling them that, one at a time, they have to go to the confessional to find a card telling them what they have to find in a scavenger hunt. Then they bring that item back to the confessional. If all eight find their items in five minutes, they'll win a treat that the whole camp will enjoy. John says the activity lifted their spirits, because they were "kind of melancholy." Yeah, kind of. They were practically in comas, which is beyond "kind of melancholy." Lou has to find a candle, but he didn't know where they were because they get moved more often than anything else. Lou finds it, and they all yell at Stephen to go next. Stephen has to find a mirror. He does. Then Patti has to find a jump rope. Next up is Holly, who has to find a brillo pad. Then Sanjaya has to find tweezers. He doesn't even know if they have those, but Janice had them. Sanjaya says they often found stuff in her bag, which wasn't a surprise.

Torrie has to find dumbbells. She resists dragging Janice and Stephen back to the confessional with her. Janice has to find nail clippers. She screams at the top of her lungs, "Nail clippers!" Lou says he's sure Janice is slinky on the runway, but she looked more like Forrest Gump during the scavenger hunt. Ha. We get a slo-mo shot of her running, as everyone sort of snickers at how fast she's moving. Because they haven't seen her try at anything before. John has to find toilet tissue, which he does easily. They finish with about fifty seconds to spare. They get their prize, which is a bag of marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. Porn music plays as everyone eats their S'mores. Because they're that good.

Myleene and Damien are back, in their pointless roles as hosts of a show that doesn't need a host. There's a storm. Did you know it rains in the rain forest?! Other stuff will happen later. And now we're back in camp. Everyone looks bored out of their minds. John says he wants to go home. Janice doesn't believe it. Torrie says he's not a quitter, but he says he's done all he needs to do. John says his problem is that the public has the decision, and he doesn't like everyone else making decisions with his life. He can't sleep because he doesn't like having other people in charge of his destiny. Stephen says that John's asking himself if he wants the show to control his destiny or if he wants to control his own destiny. John talks to Patti about how he can't win, since he's not the white girl with the pretty face and blonde hair. Oh, come on, John. You do have a pretty face. Lou wants John to stay, because he's a great competitor. Patti seems to be the only one who's okay with John leaving. He says he wants sleep, a bed, a room, to go home.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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