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It Did What in the Rain Forest?!

Next day, everyone wonders about Janice: Is she coming back? Is she doing better? As they're talking about her, she comes in yelling, "Family!" They all cheer and tell her how much better she looks. She tells them she was in the doctor's office, and now she feels like Dorothy. She calls Holly "Toto." John and Lou are so happy she's back. Torrie hugs her. Janice says she woke up in awe, grateful for another day. Lou says, "That's the thing. Seven days with no pooping makes one weak." So the pooping was sort of a setup for this, I guess. Okay, I accept, show. That was sort of necessary to make Lou's joke funny, and I'm all about anything that makes Lou look good. They all say Janice is back to her old self, and to prove it, we get to see her being loud and obnoxious. Commercials.

More Damien and Myleene, who will head to the jungle clearing soon, IF the weather clears. Oh, please let it clear. How else will they fill the air time? Back in camp, Lou leads. Torrie confessionals that Lou's been an excellent leader. She adds, "He's like King... Leader." Cute montage of Lou being a good leader. Torrie says Lou's the only one who hasn't lost it, and we get clips of a bunch of people losing it. John says he's been a great mediator, and we get to see him mediate with Janice. Everyone says good things about Lou in their confessionals. Lou says being the leader has advantages, but also some headaches.

A new scroll says that Lou cannot be leader again, and everyone groans. It's time for the next leadership competition. Janice says she doesn't want to lead, so she won't be in this competition. In confessional, Janice says Lou's been an excellent leader. Then she gets all dramatic and says, "Iiii. Am not. Leadership quality." It's not what she says, but the way she says it. It's hysterical, and now I sort of like her for being funny. Lou thanks everyone for making his role as leader so great. Torrie cries. Lou feels he's handing over a society no longer at war, so the next leader can rule in peace. Everyone thinks it's dumb that Lou can't lead again, and they're all anxious about who it will be. They head to the leadership competition. Janice wonders why she's going since she doesn't want to win, but she goes anyway.

In the jungle clearing, there are some Big Brother-style booths for a game Damien says is called "Jungle Quiz." They're going to ask the campers a series of questions based on America's votes at NBC.com. The correct answer will be the person who America thinks best fits that role. If they get a question correct, they can put a strike next to a campmate's name. Three strikes, and you're out. Whoever is left with no strikes is the new leader. First question: Which camp mate does America think does the most work around the camp? The answer is John. Only Patti and Sanjaya get it right. In the confessional, John says, "America felt I did the most work. Thank you for noticing." He's sort of like Eeyore, and I love it. Both Sanjaya and Patti give Sanjaya a strike.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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