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Previously: Nothing happened, and I weecapped it. Tonight: John's sort of a bossy leader. There are snakes in the food trial. There's a "killer" loose in camp that's scaring a showering Torrie. Everyone wants to win. Opening credits. Damien and Myleene welcome us to Day 16, and remind us once again what happened last night: It RAINED in the RAIN forest. The world almost stopped over it. Tonight we can vote. And then on Thursday, two "celebrities" will be eliminated.

In camp, Stephen gives John a pedicure and does his best gay voice. It's weird, but I guess you do what you can to entertain yourself in the jungle. Torrie has always thought John would be a great leader. John has to assign chores to campers. He gives Janice and Holly dishes, Lou latrine, four people get to collect wood. He asks Sanjaya to clean up his area, and everyone to clean theirs up, too. Lou has to bite his tongue to keep from telling John not to be such a bossy leader. John tells everyone they have to wash their hands if they're going to touch the food. He even threw out rice once because Stephen touched it. John will no longer give anyone food if they don't wash their hands. Holly hopes this cracking the whip will be for the best. Patti tells John he's taking this camp leader thing too seriously. Stephen thinks it will be an interesting week with John as dictator. Commercials.

Myleene and Damien stand behind a table that has a basket, a pineapple, some sort of small trunk or box and two little carved monkey things on it. They don't explain it, but then why would anything they do ever make sense? They tell us the celebrities have had 17 cameras on them for the past 16 days, but what will happen when they're given one camcorder of their own? Back in camp, Stephen wants to make an in-the-jungle slasher film directed by Lou. Stephen doesn't want sex scenes, but Lou's like, "Hey! Who's the director here?" Stephen's executive producer. Stephen's wearing a knife headband, and they're using watered-down ketchup as blood. They also somehow have a scary mask. Patti tells us that Lou's quiet and thinking out scenes, because he's really into it. Sanjaya is super-excited, because Lou is "so creative"! Lou says he's stealing from every slasher flick ever made, and he's just going to kill everyone off. Really?! Please really do kill people off, because that would be awesome. Lou falls in the water, and then says he got his feet wet in horror films that way.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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