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Celebrity Sleepover Camp

On their way back to camp, Torrie says she's not looking forward to telling the other girls she lost. The guys are so happy to hear they get to eat Italian food. The women are all so nice to Torrie, telling her that pasta's too fattening and clogs you up (that last part was Janice, of course, who knows all about being clogged up). Commercials, then Myleene and Damien tell us what happened, what's to come, and then they send us back to camp.

Janice wants Sanjaya to put "guy-liner" on. He does it. John tells Patti that Sanjaya looks very gay when he does that for Janice, like her performing monkey. John thinks that's not attractive to a girl, and when Sanjaya asks Holly what she thinks, she tells him it looks like he has a bruised eye. John says in his confessional that he thinks Sanjaya changes -- becoming subservient and effeminate -- when he's around Janice. John thinks it's weird how he goes from being smooth mack daddy talking to Holly to not being Sanjaya. Then John's all, "But maybe that is the real Sanjaya." Janice talks to Sanjaya about gay bars, and Holly tells Sanjaya she feels like Janice wants him to be gay or something. He agrees that she really does, and that a lot of people want him to be their gay best friend, and he's good at it except that he doesn't like guys.

In the confessional, he says he does hair and knits, so a lot of his friends call him their "straight gay best friend," because they do stuff a lot of people would do with their gay friends. Holly asks him how it's gay best friend if he's not gay, and shouldn't he just say "best friend." He says that a gay best friend is different -- that it sucks that it's the term, but it's the term that's come to be. In the confessional, Holly says calling yourself gay if you're not gay is insulting to the gay community. Or possibly it's insulting to the girl who really, really wants you to be straight and not call yourself gay. Sanjaya tells Holly he connects really well with gay people because "we understand each other." He says they flirt with him and he's all, "No, but I'll hang out with you." He explains that he was raised by women, so he's connected to his feminine side, but he is attracted to women. It annoys him when people think he's gay, because "Gay people are awesome!" Okay, so the logic is flawed, but I think I get it. He's saying he's not gay, but who really cares if he is? And I agree. Sanjaya tries to hit on Torrie, and then he walks off, and Janice is like, "Please."

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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