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Stephen's hilarious in it, actually. John says it's the best home movie he's ever seen. Janice fights the bad guy awesomely. Stephen is impressed by the breakout performance by Sanjaya, who is in love with Holly on film. Patti's totally embarrassed to watch herself on film, you can tell. She tells us she's happy that bad acting is all that was required. With everyone killed, the movie's over. They all clap, I actually loved it too. I hope they show that whole video online. Lou says the filming of the movie was great, and the outcome was beyond his expectation. His expectation was that it would totally suck, but still.

Dinner time. The guys are happy to see their Italian food: basil, garlic, bread and more. Sanjaya sings while he cooks. John says singing for Sanjaya is liking talking for Janice: It's constant. Torrie says it's annoying, too. John asks him to stop, and Sanjaya says no one can tell him not to sing, because he's a singer. He starts singing about John, and dancing. He won't stop singing. Stephen wants John to throw an onion in Sanjaya's mouth. Janice reminds us that Simon hated him and he won nothing on American Idol. He keeps singing. About vegetables, and America, and John Salley. Everyone hates it. Even Holly. It's hilarious to watch, but I can see that it would probably be annoying to have to hear all of. After all, we're just getting the highlights. But without stuff like this, this show's nothing but fake drama and "live" non-challenges. Patti asks him to stop. Stephen considered ripping his esophagus out. Sanjaya gives a cute, British, "Sorry." Myleene and Damien are on the bridge, about to give John a big decision. Commercials.

Back with Myleene and Damien, who are just outside of camp. They're going to head in to give John the toughest test of his leadership so far. Wait, will this be harder than requiring people to wash their hands if they want to eat? Because that seemed pretty difficult for him. They head in to camp and greet everyone. As usual, the celebrities say "hi" to their loved ones, since they know they're live. Damien asks John if he's enjoying being leader. He's loving it, especially the bed. Damien says that Lou won immunity and is exempt from the public vote this week. They congratulate him. Myleene once again asks John if he's enjoying himself as leader. He again says he is. She's all: We'll just see about that, and then tells him he has a very difficult decision and he must make it alone, and it has to be made right now. He can grant one person immunity from this week's vote. He can choose one fellow campmate or himself. They give him 20 seconds, and he immediately says, "Myself." Um, duh. He would be an idiot to choose anyone else. Janice shakes her head about it, but no one else seems to think he did anything wrong. Including me. If you want to win, you play to win. Unless you're a total clown, like Stephen Baldwin. Damien and Myleene say that two people will go home on Thursday. Then they leave and the celebrities yell their live "hellos" to everyone they know.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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