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April Fool
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It's a new day at the Villains' camp. Rob admits in an interview that last night's Tribal Council marked the first time he's been surprised after three seasons of playing this game. He has no idea what happened and says "something doesn't feel right." I agree! Nothing about this show has felt "right" since Li'l Russell essentially took it over last season. At camp, Rob talks to Sandra, Courtney, and Jerri, wondering what could have caused Tyson to switch his vote. I'm sure the producers, who think all we at home want to see is Li'l Russell dominating the game, had nothing to do with that shocking outcome. Courtney says Tyson must have "freaked out." She then runs to an interview and proceeds to be awesome, saying that Li'l Russell has a "little boy crush" on Parvati because "he's like a bandy-legged little troll who scampers around with his tooth missing, goes in and out of the bushes and never washes and [Parvati] pays attention to him and she has no problem flirting with clearly ANYTHING that walks." AHAHAHAHAHA! Not only did Courtney rip on Li'l Russell and Parvati, but she also got in a shot at paraplegics, too! I appreciate the editors sticking in a shot of Li'l Russell looking particularly trolly, although that probably wasn't too hard for them to find. Parvati prances up to Li'l Russell, calls him her hero, and gives him a hug. Danielle is much more chill about it, muttering "that was awesome last night." Li'l Russell announces that the next part of his plan is to get Jerri on their side. Parvati's face says it all about her feelings on Jerri. I've seen people look less disgusted at a gross food challenge. Li'l Russell says it's up to Parvati and Danielle to convince Jerri to join them, which means it's actually just up to Parvati, since Danielle doesn't speak.

Meanwhile, Rob and his alliance are lying around in the nearby shelter. They hear Parvati and Danielle giggling in the distance, and Rob says he doesn't understand how they can be so confident when, despite what happened last night, there are still only three of them against five. Rob interviews that he's not an idiot, and so he knows something must be up if a minority alliance can be that cocky. He thinks something else is going on. We're supposed to think he's talking about secret defectors, but I'd prefer to think he's actually talking directly to the producers and asking them why Li'l Russell seems to get so lucky every single time, almost as if someone wants him to do really well so they can then edit the entire season around him. Again.

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