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Some Assembly Required
ity.com/show/undercovers/pilot_95_1.php?page=5">Bill Hoyt shows up undercover as a pool attendant and offers her a towel. Then he insists in a winky-winky sort of way that he'll be poolside if she needs anything. Anything. Sam can only grin back at him with eyes that say, "Get the fuck out of here before you ruin this show." The two just sort of stare at each other for a beat and give each other slight nods of miscommunication until Steven instructs Hoyt to get out of there over his earpiece. With Bill out of the way, Sam engages Kruger in conversation, pretending to guess correctly that he's from Johannesburg. Sam says she's from Cape Town but prefers the beaches here, which aren't as crowded. She adds she likes to be pampered. Kruger gets up the nerve to not ask, but tell Sam he's going to buy her a drink. "Do I have to stop at just one?" Steven is impressed at what he's hearing. "Wow. Who are you? I feel sorry for the men you do this to," he tells his wife before letting her know he's heading to Kruger's hotel room to check it out. He makes a pit stop to talk to Bill who has all the gadgets Mr. Bloom needs wrapped in a towel. Bill does his drooling over Steven bit, but it's thankfully cut short by Steven who reminds Bill that the longer he's there talking to him the longer his wife is going to be seducing another man. "That must be awkward for you," Hoyt empathizes. Steven grabs his gadgets and heads to Kruger's room.

Once inside, he finds a safe which he cracks with one of the tools Bill gave him. Inside the safe, he finds some documents, but they're in Arabic, which Steven can't read. Sam overhears this on her radio and says aloud, "I could," by mistake while still in conversation with Kruger. She covers it up by saying she could go for another drink. "Well you're going to have to look at some pages, sweetie," Steven directs at Sam. "Not a problem," Bill comedically intercepts. Sam invites Kruger back to his room for that drink. Steven now has to hurry to implant a GPS tracker in Kruger's watch before Sam and Kruger get back. We see a close-up of the tracking device as Steven works to insert it into the watch. He marvels at how tiny they are now and Hoyt tries to tell Steven about the new tracker's features, but Steven says he's got this. Kruger and Sam enter and head straight to the bedroom. Kruger starts kissing Sam and then thrusts her onto the bed. When he goes in for another kiss, Sam double karate chops him on both sides of his neck and then kicks him in the gut, sending him staggering back right into Steven who's waiting there to jam a gun in his neck. "Hello, sweet lips." How does he know they're sweet?

Commercials. That School Pride sure looks like a tearjerker.

Bill finishes up tying Kruger's hands together and sits him down in a chair. "Who are you people," Kruger asks. "Your worst nightmare," Bill intones. Sam and Steven take over from that bit of interrogative mastery and tell Kruger they are simply working for his competitors and know about the job he pulled in Pakistan. Kruger plays dumb and says this was all John Seidel's operation. There's a tiny flashback of the beginning of the episode while Kruger explains that tonight he was supposed to deliver the documents Steven found to the address on the envelope, which is in Caracas. Sam goes off to check the address. Kruger claims to just be a pawn in all of this. There just happens to be a chess set right next to where they're sitting, so Bill naturally grabs an actual pawn and sticks it in Kruger's face, asking if he means like one of those pawns. Yes, Bill. Thanks, Bill. Sam's address check is complete and it turns out the address is Seidel's. Steven takes Sam and Bill aside for a little sidebar. He figures there's something not quite right with Kruger and he should stick with him while Sam and Bill head to Caracas to check out Seidel. Bill suggests he stay with his man-crush instead, but Sam insists Bill go with her. "Are you going to be OK?" Steven asks Sam. "I guess so, but honestly..." Bill comedically intercepts. "I did it again didn't I?" Yes. You did, Bill. "Try not to kiss anybody else for the rest of the day, please," Steven instructs Sam, and it devolves into the couple bickering over what the plan was supposed to be when they were taking down Kruger. Bill does his one good deed for this episode and puts a stop to the argument to ask what the plan is. Sam repeats that she and Bill are off to Caracas.

Postcard transition to fireworks in the sky over Caracas, Venezuela. Bill and Sam pull up in a car and stake out a second-story apartment across the street with binoculars. Bill has never been to Caracas, but he spouts off some facts he read about it on Wikipedia, but then again you can't always trust Wikipedia. Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck are not twins, Bill learned the hard way. Sam thought she might've seen some movement in the window of the apartment, so she and Bill decide to go check it out.

Back in Turks and Caicos, Kruger and Steven are waiting for the guy Kruger is supposed to meet for the delivery. Kruger insists he needs to do this alone, but Steven isn't buying it.

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