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Some Assembly Required

While picking the lock to Seidel's apartment, Sam takes the opportunity to ask Bill if he reads the instructions when he gets a new electronic device. Bill, of course, is the stereotypical geek who reads everything, including the electrical hazard warnings. Inside the apartment, it's all empty except for some comic books on the coffee table. Sam finds a recruitment book for the terrorist organization "Black Lodge" in a cabinet. As she leafs through it, Bill opens up a closet and a man bursts out from it, knocking Bill over. Bill's able to fire a few shots at the guy, but he manages to escape. The guy was John Seidel's brother. Sam tells Bill to get their car and she takes off to pursue on foot. The foot chase consists of a couple fence jumps, but it's obvious Brother Seidel is already a little hobbled with a wound he keeps grasping on his side until he's blindsided by Bill's car. Bill gets out and picks the guy off the ground. "You should look both ways before crossing, Bruce." Sam looks incredulous, but not at Bill's line. "Nice job," she says in disbelief.

Back in Bruce Seidel's apartment, Bill has his gun trained on him while Sam asks questions. Bruce claims John is dead and that Kruger killed him while they were transporting Dr. Nasir. He was also attacked and left for dead, but he got picked up by a convoy. He points to his gunshot wound as evidence, and says satellite images will back up his story. "The man you're looking for isn't John Seidel. It's Hollis Kruger," Bruce warns.

We see Kruger is sitting alone at a small lounge when a man comes up to shake his hand. Steven watches intently from afar, but it turns out this isn't the man they're waiting for. So Kruger and Steven resume a staring contest until three attractive women come up to Steven, offering to do whatever he'd like, as per instructions from Kruger. They obstruct Steven's view just long enough for Kruger to disappear. Steven takes off after him on foot, but he's long gone. Sam has perfect timing with her phone call to tell Steven that Kruger's their man. "I got some bad news," Steven musters.


Culinary Kitchen. Seriously, shouldn't these meetings between Shaw and the Blooms be happening elsewhere? Shaw lets off steam about the Blooms letting Kruger escape. He facetiously suggests they find his address to send him some delicious scones. "You tasted my scones?" Sam asks naively. "No, I did not taste your scones!" Snerk. To top things off, the tracking chip Steven implanted into Kruger's watch is not, you know, tracking because Steven neglected to activate it. This is yet again because Steven didn't follow instructions. Womp womp. Shaw's had enough of this pansy-ass bullshit. He will be bolstering their team for the remainder of the operation. Cue Leo Nash's entrance. Shaw explains this works out because of his personal relationship with the Blooms and his expertise in current generation technology. He can probably get the tracker online. To affirm this, Leo offers his fist to Steven for a fist bump. Steven reluctantly gives him an elbow, which is enough for Leo who turns and hugs Sam. "God, you smell good," he tells Sam. That's enough to set off Steven to insist they lay down some ground rules. Leo's just like, "Sure, whatever."

Close-up on a cell phone with its guts exposed. The main henchman who spoke to Nasir earlier about when the bomb would be ready sets a timer on the mini-explosive inside the phone, sets the phone inside a car and hurries off to stand with his two cronies at a safe distance. They wait and Main Henchman says to his cohorts that if this doesn't work Kruger will have them kill Nasir. The timer reaches zero and nothing happens for a beat. Then, KA-BLOOEY! The car explodes and sends the three men flying back in a cartoony CGI-blast. Main Henchman sits up unharmed and laughs.

Back at Culinary Kitchen Secret Room, with Shaw gone, Leo insists he is now in charge, which sparks an argument with Steven. Sam says it doesn't matter who's in charge, they just need to get the tracker working. Just then, Lizzy bursts into the room asking everyone to try her quiche she just made because it's a life or death situation. Such juxtaposition of perspective, that is. Leo dutifully tries the quiche and gives up every compliment he can to Lizzy, including "quiche-tastic." Yup. They make googley eyes at each other for a moment until Steven grabs Leo and insists they go somewhere quiet to get to work. Lizzy turns to Sam to tell her sister Leo's cute. "No," Sam snaps. In fairness, she doesn't lie to her sister when she tells Lizzy that Leo is an alcoholic which wouldn't be a good idea since she's a recovering alcoholic. Way to have faith in your sister's will power, Sam.

Leo and Steven have set up shop in the Blooms' home. Leo runs a quick scan of where Kruger could possibly be in the world 24 hours after leaving Turks and Caicos, which turns out to be just about anywhere. No help there. Meanwhile, Steven is trying to put together that coffee machine and being a sarcastic smartass to Leo. "Wow. Thanks for the expertise. Thrilled they brought you in." Leo's hurt by this because he actually misses Steven, but realizes it's awkward he used to "do sex" with Steven's wife. It wouldn't be awkward if Leo didn't bring it up constantly, Steven reminds him. He also reminds him there's a woman somewhere in the world building an explosive that they need to find. "Can you get the tracker online or not?"

Dr. Nasir is still working. Kruger is now present with her. She has nearly completed two bombs for him, so she looks up from her work to ask if she can see her husband when she's finished. Kruger tells her to finish first and then they'll decide what's next for her and her husband. That doesn't sound good.

Cut to the coffee machine exploding and sending coffee beans all over Steven's kitchen. Steven actually reads the manual this time, so he's quite pissed when Leo offers to help. Leo wants to know where all this hostility is from because he can't work with it. Leo: "Is it because I used to do sex with your wife?" Steven: "Stop saying that! And who says that? Do sex? That's just wrong!" Hehe. Steven brings up his realization that at the time Leo was dating Sam, he remembers seeing Leo with another woman in Poland. Leo: "Are you mad at me for cheating on your wife?" Steven: "Do you even hear yourself talk?" Leo: "One of my favorite sounds." Leo clarifies the woman he was with in Poland was a target for a case. "I was totally honest with my girlfriend/your wife." Loving me some Leo. And then he even brings us some intrigue. He asks Steven if Sam knows why he left the CIA. Steven responds with what we now know is his programmed lie -- that he left so he and Sam could lead a normal life together. Leo hints that's not the truth. Steven makes it clear to Leo that it is the truth as far as he's concerned. Just then the laptop beeps and the tracker comes online. It points them to Stockholm. "We've got our man," Leo snaps the laptop shut. That's some good scene.


Stockholm postcard transition. Leo sits in the backseat of the Blooms' car saying it's weird to be with them both on a mission. He's been on missions with the both of them separately, but this is just not the same. It's weeeeeiiiird. They make a brief stop to pick up Bill who enters the backseat with a gnarly fake beard. Leo digs it and is disappointed when Bill peels it off. They pull up to the naval ship where Kruger has been keeping Dr. Nasir. Bill opens up a small metal briefcase lined with four handguns. Everyone grabs one and exits the vehicle, neglecting to answer Bill's questions of whether he is coming with them or not. He ends up staying in the car alone. The three people who are not Bill enter the ship and search around, but it's deserted. Sam hears Nasir calling out from the cargo hold. She's lying on the floor with a near-fatal gunshot wound. She confirms it was Kruger who shot her and that he's gone off to the nearby Global Business Summit. Man, Kruger really needs to learn how to finish off his victims.

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