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Some Assembly Required
it, we see security instructing everyone to hand over their cell phones as they walk through metal detectors. The phones are being put into individual plastic zipper bags. Kruger hands over his bomb phone and walks through security.

Steven drives fast with Sam and Leo. Sam calls Bill, who has stayed behind with Dr. Nasir as she's being taken away in an ambulance. Bill has made arrangements so they are all on the list of attendees for the summit. Bill asks if they've got clothes. Sam says they've got what they need. The car comes to a screeching halt in a parking garage and they all get out, go to the trunk of the car and begin stripping. And it's like, "Hello, three sexiest people on TV getting naked." Thank goodness for DVR. They change into some sexy business attire and walk briskly toward the summit. Leo naturally compliments Sam's dress.

Meanwhile, in the ambulance, Nasir wakes up and tells Bill that Kruger has an explosive in his cell phone. He calls Sam just before she hands over her phone to security to inform her about what's going on. She instructs Steven and Leo to find Kruger while she goes in search of the bomb phone. Security for the summit escorts Samantha to where they're holding all the phones. It's a literal wall of phones. We zoom out from behind the perspective of Sam and the security men to see just how many phones there are. Quick, somebody just find out the phone number and call it!


Sam is going through the cell phones one-by-one while on the phone with Bill, hoping to get some more intel. Nasir's unconscious, so no help there. Clever little thing here where Bill keeps calling Samantha "Mrs. Agent Bloom." Some tense moments pass where Sam is checking phones and Stephen and Leo are scanning the crowd at the summit. Finally, Steven spots Kruger who locks eyes with Steven and recognizes him. Mr. Agent Bloom gives chase. Sam finds the bomb just as Dr. Nasir awakes. Bill asks Nasir how to disarm the bomb and all she can muster before passing out again is that there are two red wires -- not what to do with them or whether they are even the wires you should be doing anything to. Sam rushes back to her car to get her bomb defusing kit, which I'm almost positive contains an Open It!

Meanwhile, Steven continues to chase Kruger through the summit. Sam declares she's going to pull a red wire. Bill can't get any input from Nasir, so Sam proceeds and nothing happens. She decides to reconnect the wire, but isn't sure whether to disconnect the other red wire or one of two other wires. Steven comes to a crowded area outside the summit and stops to scan the crowd. Kruger jumps out from behind Steven and punches him a few times, but not enough to knock him out. Kruger pulls a knife, but Steven is able to disarm him. Kruger picks the knife back up and Steven disarms him again. Sam stares at the bomb and suddenly decides she will be cutting the black wire. She's sure it's the right one even though nothing has suggested that's the case. Steven trips up Kruger, slugs him a few times and knocks him unconscious just as Sam cuts the wire. The bomb disarms. Sam is visibly shaken but she announces to Bill that it worked and he proceeds to yell in the unconscious Dr. Nasir's face that it worked. Steven picks Kruger off the ground, having him subdued. Leo shows up to ask Steven, "What can I do?" Steven: "You can get here later. That'd be good."

We are at the Undercovers' and Leo's debriefing with Carlton Shaw. Everything came out great. Dr. Nasir will have a full recovery, they found her husband and Brother Seidel will testify against Kruger. In light of the way things went down, Shaw has seen it fit to assign Agent Nash to work with the Blooms indefinitely on missions where he has expertise. Leo asks Shaw if there are any areas where he lacks expertise. Steven and Sam utter "Humility" and "Modesty" simultaneously and respectively. Leo's excited. He had fun on this mission. As long as you had fun, Leo.

At home, Steven brings Sam cappuccino in bed. He admits to her that he looked at the instructions this time. Sam already knows because Leo told her. Steven's face goes serious at the mention of Leo. He still likes Sam, Steven tells her. Why wouldn't he? She's beautiful, talented and brilliant. Sam reminds Steven it's all just in the past and that seems to be all Steven wanted to hear. Meanwhile, Sam learned you can't do everything by the book and you have to go on instinct sometimes. She sips her cappuccino and puts it down because it'll keep her up all night. Steven figures she'll be up all night anyway, if you catch his drift. Sam asks if she should give him instructions? "I think I'll...uh, use my instinct," he says as he continues kissing her. Barf.

-- Pablo G. is some guy who lives in San Antonio, Texas. Check him out at Space Monkeys!, The Cowboys Blog, and follow him @PendejoJoe on Twitter.

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