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"Insurgence" Resurgence

Outside, more SWAT teamers get into place. LadyCop says that a window blew out on the thirtieth floor and they're going in. She tells her dudes to move it. A helicopter still hovers overhead, shining a light on the building.

Lex on the phone. He asks what's going on up there. Stone Cold says the stuff in the vault must be worth something to Lex. He wants $1 million and a way out of there. He'll be able to buy a voice smoother to get rid of that nasty growl. Lex tells Stone Cold that he's in no position to negotiate. Stone Cold says it's not a negotiation. "We get out of here or nobody does," he says. Lex tells him there's a private elevator that leads to a tunnel and garage three blocks away. The cops wouldn't know about that from the blueprints? Even a double-dog secret passage? Stone Cold asks Papa Luthor if he's been holding out on information about a secret way out. "Oh, yes," he says. He hasn't stopped rubbing his chin for hours now. Papa Luthor says that whatever "that anonymous coward Mr. Green" is offering, he'll double it. So the bidding's at $2 million, then? Stone Cold raises an eyebrow. Stone Cold tells Lex that they've got a bidding war. Lex says that no matter what Papa Luthor offers, you can't trust him. Who's the one with the big shiny building? Stone Cold raises the point that he's being expected to trust someone who hides thehisir identity. Touché, Stone Cold. Touché. He decides to deal with Papa Luthor. Lex desperately offers to match the offer. Stone Cold hangs up. Lex closes his phone and starts to walk away. "Don't hurt who?" we hear. It's the booming, yet weak authority of one Bo Duke. Lex turns. Bo stalks him. "Were you just talking to those men up there?" Bo asks. Lex says he's doing what's in the best interests of Papa Luthor and MamaKent. Bo grabs Lex roughly. He tells Lex that if he finds out Lex had anything to do with this, "You will pray to God you never set foot in Smallville." Tough platitudes now. He's practically George W. Lex shakes off the shoulder-grab and walks away.

Hallway. Insignificant Guy is walking down the neon-lit blue hallway with a gun raised. He's peeking around corners. We hear a whoosh. Some papers on the wall rustle. IG looks around, and suddenly Clark is behind him and pushing him up against the wall. "Where's my mom?" Clark yells in a very fast, funny way. "Where is she?" Clark yells. He's choking the guy.

Papa Luthor making the deal. He says he'll wire the money to any account these guys choose. Stone Cold says they have a deal, but that he's hanging on to everything until he gets pizz-aid. He tells his cronies to pack up the stuff. Do they really still need a laundry cart? I guess it holds all their cool gadgets. Papa Luthor asks who was on the other end of the line. Stone Cold says that Papa Luthor probably knows better than he does. He tells Papa Luthor to think of who his enemies are. Stone Cold barks at MamaKent to help out and pick up the files for them. She starts to look at Clark's file, but Stone Cold roughly tells her to hurry it up. She does, nervously. She helps Papa Luthor up. He leans in and asks her where the octagonal disc went. She doesn't know. "Why is it so important?" she asks. They're interrupted.

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