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"Insurgence" Resurgence

Clark is at a power bracket in a wall. He pulls a big steel cord and sparks fly. In the hostage room, the lights go out. No backup generator? Some red lights go on. Tyra starts to freak out and says they have to go. She starts to run. Clark busts through the door and pushes her right into Stone Cold. They land roughly and Stone Cold's gun slides off on the floor. "Clark, get out of here now!" MamaKent yells. Oh yeah. Green stuff. The green bars start to pulsate and Clark gets weak in the knees. He collapses. Luthor, who is blind, looks over with interest. Clark groans on the floor. It's red light mixed with green. Commercials.

Stone Cold gets up and sees Clark writhing. "Are you alone?" he asks, roughly grabbing Clark's Members Only jacket. MamaKent tries to push the cart of green bricks away. Hey, nice tush. Stone Cold goes after her and as she closes the vault door, it catches his arm. He screams. She pushes him down. Go, MamaKent, go! She goes to Clark to help him up. Stone Cold is now holding Papa Luthor up and threatening to drill a hole in his head. That is a rather nasty-looking drill bit. Clark, now powerful again, zips over and disarms the guy of his Ryobi. He swings Stone Cold around, and suddenly there's a gunshot. Stone Cold grimaces. Papa Luthor is standing there holding the gun as Stone Cold falls out of frame. Yeah, Papa Luthor's blind? We all know he's not. And how did he shoot without considering that Clark might be in front of him too or that the exit wound would get someone else? Absurdly, MamaKent goes over to help Stone Cold. Without really checking much of anything, she's says he's dead. Papa Luthor puts the gun down on a desk. MamaKent whispers to Clark to burn the files on the tabletop. She tells him there's a Clark file. He does his Ejacu-U-Vision and the files go up in flames. MamaKent finds the disc in Stone Cold's pocket and puts it in her own. The police choose that moment to bust in. LadyCop sees Clark and shakes her head in slight exasperation. That wily kid! Please, please, PLEASE bring LadyCop back. She can actually act!

Street Level. Without any police escort or help, MamaKent, Clark, and Papa Luthor exit through the front door. MamaKent gives Bo, who is the only person past the barricade, a flying hug. There's a police perimeter with no reporters, but people with briefcases are just walking by like it's midday sidewalk congestion. Bo and MamaKent kiss. Where are the reporters again? Why isn't Chloe trying to cover this story? Love with Bo and MamaKent. They laugh exhaustedly.

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