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"Insurgence" Resurgence

One of Papa Luthor's tasteful offices. He and MamaKent are sitting on a leather couch and she's showing him where to sign on some sort of contract. She collects the papers into a blue folder and stands up. As we pan over some nearby light blue glass sculptures, he asks her if anything's wrong. She says that when she was told there was important work to do on a Sunday, she didn't think she'd be there by herself. Papa Luthor says he thought she'd like to work in her new office. Nice. He asks her to look in the top left-hand drawer of the desk. She does, and finds a nice red box with black trim. She opens it. It's a really ornate, though bulky, watch resting on what looks like a black leather wrist wrest. She smiles and is sufficiently wowed. This is not the face of a woman who is resisting the rich man's charms. Papa Luthor chuckles at her speechless reaction. "Turn it over," he tells her. She smiles and does. "To Martha, with deep affection, L.L." Oh yeah, Bo's sure gonna let her wear that around. Papa Luthor says he's promoting her and will need her more in Metropolis. In the worst way. She says she's flattered, but can't accept this. She says that as for working in Metropolis, the job is already putting a big strain on her family. Papa Luthor smoothly takes her hand in both of his. He says he knows how much she's given up to be a (slight scoff) farmer's wife. He says that with her brains and talents, she deserves to make her own ambitions a priority. "We'll discuss it over dinner," he says. Magnificent. And bastardous. Just then, Insignificant Guy busts in and points a gun at them. He says that for the "lovebirds," it's the wrong place, wrong time. He yells at them to get their hands up. MamaKent's mouth moves around a bit in shock.

Kent Kitchen. Bo walks in, yelling up the stairs, asking Clark why there's a helicopter parked in the yard. Clark comes around from the side and holds up a suit in a dry-cleaning bag. Lex comes up behind Clark, too. I half expect them to be smoothing down their clothes and fixing their zippers. Clark says excitedly that they're taking Bo up to Metropolis so that he can meet MamaKent for dinner. Bo says this was Lex's idea, wasn't it? Lex says it was Clark's idea; Lex just offered the chopper. "Look," Bo says, slamming something down on the table. It takes a while for Clark's smiles to fade. Bo says that, around here, people respect each other's privacy. Except when it involved a krypto-mutant and MamaKent is calling all over town to find out how they're doing at the hospital. Lex has had it. He steps forward and says that he's done nothing but try to be a friend to Bo: "In return, you do nothing but lecture me with sanctimonious platitudes." Woohoo! Shout-out! "I'm done listening to them," Lex says. But is Bo done dishing them out? Nope. He's got about six hundred green stamp books full and he was just about to order a new batch of them. Lex walks away. Clark goes to Bo and says that wasn't fair. Bo says dangerously that everything was fine in their family until the Luthors showed up. Clark says that it's not Lex's fault. Sweet. Bo angrily tells Clark that it's not his responsibility to fix everything. Does that mean Clark is excused from chores involving repairing everything on the farm? "So just stay out of it," Bo says. Man, is he unhinged.

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