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The Rise of Randy
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After Probst shat all over Fang for losing every challenge in last week's "Previously on" segment, I naively expected similar treatment for Kota in this week's "Previously on," since they lost all challenges last week. Nope! "Despite having three of the strongest players of the game, including a former Olympic athlete, the Fang tribe lost three challenges in a row. They thought they could turn things around by picking GC to be their leader." Okay, THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN. I saw the Tribal Council, Probst. You forced GC to be Fang's new leader even though he didn't want to be, and no one else really wanted him to be, either. But the lies keep coming, as Probst turns his attentions to Kota: "The Kota tribe was on a roll. They were hard-working and upbeat. So it was a shock to everyone when Fang finally won a challenge." What's with the "finally?" It's only been one episode! But Fang can't do anything right, as Probst says they stupidly sent Sugar to Exile, thinking she wouldn't find the idol, but she did, and I guess if Fang was a better tribe, they would have known that would happen and picked someone else. And then when Kota loses the immunity challenge and has to go to Tribal Council, Probst even finds a way to make them look good by saying they displayed "tribe unity" by "voting out their smallest and weakest player in a landslide." Yeah, except that there were two votes for Ace, while both of Fang's tribal votes were unanimous. So, by that logic, it's Fang who has the best tribe unity. I feel like I should be finding Probst's irrational hatred of Fang funny, but it's actually really pissing me off and ruining the show for me. Maybe that's because I don't like having my intelligence insulted by a game show host outright lying to me about things I saw with my own two eyes.

First we go to Kamp Kota, where the unified team of Gods is returning from the very unified Tribal Council. Kelly tells us she was sad to see Paloma, her "partner" who she could "talk to about things" (somehow I don't think those things were philosophy, current events, or quantum physics) go home, and now she's worried that she'll be next. Although she does display a surprising level of intelligence that the rest of her tribe, with their confidence that their alliances will remain solid and honest throughout the game, seems to lack when she says "things can change all the time." She does not, however, seem particularly dedicated to causing any of those changes, which is fine, since she doesn't really have to, anyway. Just wait for the producers to make your game for you.

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