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Tricky Turtle
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Previously on A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Bad Luck: The tribes merged and settled in together at Couchless Camp, where it looked like either Boo or Stacy would hit the bricks at the end of the episode. Take note of the way that the previouslys include Alex saying the very words, "Unless I'm mistaken, the four of us [Alex, Edgardo, Mookie, and "Dreamz"] are controlling this game right now." In about 45 minutes, that's going to be really extra-funny, kind of like watching a figure skater fall down. Mookie spilled the news to "Dreamz" that the four horses'-asses-men had that immunity idol they'd dug up, and "Dreamz" got a little suspicious of his "alliance" for not telling him sooner. Alex swore "Dreamz" to secrecy, though, so I'm sure it will all be fine. Who's he going to tell? Anyway, at the immunity challenge, the newly merged tribe was divided into two "teams," only one of which would attend tribal council. Michelle was unlucky enough to wind up on a team with a bunch of original Motos, as well as three out of four supposed "horsemen," who (of course) lost the challenge, because those guys couldn't win an origami contest against a team of penguins. Deprived of even the opportunity to argue on her own behalf, Michelle couldn't do anything to save herself. So even though Mookie went with an ousting-Stacy plan he and "Dreamz" had dreamzed up, "Dreamz" himself stayed with the safe play, so the adorable Michelle saw her torch go out. Nine left. Who will go next? Will anyone still care?

The moon. The starry sky. A bat, who's hanging upside-down in night vision like, "Yeah, yeah, you're screaming in terror because I'm hideous; I get it. I'm six inches tall, so I hope you feel good about yourself, you big puss." We are at Bula Bula on Night 24, where those who did not go to tribal council -- Earl, Yau Man, Stacy, Edgardo, and Cassandra -- are waiting for those who did to return. Edgardo predicts that it will be either Michelle or Stacy who doesn't make it back, and everyone seems to agree. Earl appears to know (or think he knows) that "Dreamz" will be the swing vote. The returnees enter camp, and everyone sees that Michelle is not with them. When Yau Man asks about the vote, "Dreamz" reveals that it was a three-two split. Mookie interviews that he and "Dreamz" had a deal about voting off Stacy instead of Michelle, so he's pretty pissed off about being left to dangle like that. In this interview, Mookie gripes that what "Dreamz" did essentially handed over all the power to Alex. And as much as I usually think Mookie = dumb, in this situation, Mookie also = right. Elsewhere, Alex grills a caught-red-handed Mookie about how clear Alex thought it was that they were all supposed to be voting against Michelle. Mookie scrambles to cover his exposed ass by insisting that he just misunderstood what the plan was. This was no revolt! Honest! He promises! He's just stupid! He swears! And Alex is like "Okay, bygones," which is how you know he's not too smart, either.

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