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Do The Right Thing
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It's the morning of Day 7 at Foa Foa. Jaison talks to Mick about getting rid of Ben next as we see a shot of Ben walking along the beach in his tank top, little shorts, and cowboy boots. There are pictures of my brother wearing a similar ensemble, except that he wore a diaper instead of shorts. Because he was three years old. I was not aware that adults dressed this way. Mick has to agree, saying that Ben got "personal" and "inappropriate" with Yasmin when he called her "ghetto trash." Way to sugarcoat things, there, Mick. Jaison interviews that Ben almost said something to Yasmin that got the crap beat out of him by Jaison. Why, Jaison? Why would you, specifically, be offended by what Ben said? Can't you just say (or can't the editors just include the footage of you saying it, if it exists) that he's a racist and you're black?

Li'l Russell's hair (what there is of it) is weirdly growing in much darker in the back than on the sides. Also, why are there, like, crop circle patterns in his beard? He asks the long-haired blonde who she wants to get rid of next. "Gosh ... " she says. Li'l Russell interviews that no one on his tribe is playing this game except him, and he's looking forward to controlling them all "like zombies." Just because no one is playing the game with you doesn't mean they aren't playing it at all, Li'l Russell. Although, let's be honest, he's right and they aren't.

After the credits, we go back to Foa Foa because, like Probst said in the Previouslys, it's all boring-ass sunshine and lame-o rainbows at Galu. Ben is leading a fire-starting tutorial because, as he says, they're almost out of flint due to it being used excessively by people who don't know what they're doing. So instead of saving the flint by using it as little as possible and also making yourself a valuable tribe member by being the only one who can start a fire, he's going to waste even more flint to teach them how to do it so they won't need him anymore. And then complain about how stupid everyone else is in an interview. Smart, Ben. Also, way to tuck your tank-top into your underwear, you stupid clown. Mick is unable to start the fire, so Ben does it for him. Then he runs right to Liz and Li'l Russell and tells them that the flint is so worn down that the women shouldn't even try to use it because they don't have the necessary hand strength and technique or whatever to do it, so it'll just waste more flint. Liz just nods along and agrees with him, because she started off seeming cool in the first episode but clearly sucks. Li'l Russell says that Ben is obviously scrambling to make himself look necessary so he isn't voted off. Of course, Li'l Russell doesn't think he's doing it the right way. Because burning people's socks is a much better method. Ben tries to make friends with the long-haired blonde by asking her if she pooped yet. She hasn't. But Ben did! "It was like the biggest poop, I think, in my life," he says. Am I seriously recapping this? Are they seriously showing this? And then Ben kills another lizard, this time by shoving a large wooden stick through the poor thing's mouth while it's still alive like a psychopath, while Li'l Russell says that he needs Ben around for a while longer for the challenges and to help around camp, so he'll have to make sure someone else goes next.

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