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Where's George Michael When We Need Him?

Grace and Bobby enter a predominantly African-American church, in which the choir is already going full-blast on an upbeat hymn. ["Because the only churches in pop culture that are life-affirming and fun to attend are Baptist churches. Make a note." -- Wing Chun] Montage of Marcus running (on a Sunday morning?) and Jack working at the diner. Is two shots a montage? In any case, that's what they show us.

Future Marcus tells us, while we still hear the hymn playing, that when he was criticized by religious groups, President Bobby would say, "They didn't elect me Reverend of the United States." What a wit. Future Marcus tells us that Bobby also converted the White House bowling alley into a non-denominational chapel and preached a mean sermon there every Sunday morning. Oh sure, the religious folks get a chapel. But what about the bowlers? What about the bowlers?

Cut to a final shot of Bobby and Grace clapping and swaying along to the hymn. They completely lack rhythm, but Bobby sure does look happy. And for once, so does Grace.

You know, if we don't eventually get to see Warren's bar mitzvah, I will feel incredibly cheated.

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