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Grace was clearly not fooled by Bobby's attempt at discretion, because we're now back at the McCallister house, where she is giving Jack crap for dating Dee: "Have you forgotten the soul-numbing angst, the all-around horror that constituted your original dalliance with this girl?" Jack and I jinx each other when we each say, "'Dalliance'?" Grace keeps up the overeducated trash talk when she adds, "Not to mention her inherent qualities. We haven't even delved into that puddle. Don't you want someone of similar integrity, similar intellect?" Wait, do we really say that someone has integrity when he lies about his brother's marijuana, forges notes from his mother, and throws a massive party (complete with underage drinking) the moment he has the house to himself? Maybe Grace is concerned about Jack dating someone with more integrity than he has. In all her complaining, Grace does make me laugh when she says that Dee "looks like the life-sized version of a toy one might find in a Happy Meal." 'Cause Dee Vine is pretty and all, but that is a mighty big head she's carrying around. And the theme is hammered home yet again (all before the credits) when we learn that Dee's father is a minister. Presumably a religious minister and not, you know, the Minister of Finance of a small European nation. As upset as Grace is that Jack is dating Dee, she's even more upset when she hears that Jack went to Dee's church that morning. And Jack is clearly enjoying how much it gets under Grace's skin.

We get our first interview from the World of Tomorrow, as Future Marcus tells us that in the country's history, presidents have had many careers before becoming politicians, including "two former Hollywood actors." The forums immediately go crazy with speculation, and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ben Affleck try to schedule a double date with James Carville and Mary Matalin. Future Marcus tells us that of all the careers held by presidents, only two were ever ministers before taking office. One was James Garfield and the other was...can you guess? Can you? If you can't, you're banned. Oh, okay, for the slow people in the audience, the second one was "the reverend Bobby McCallister." Gah, as if Future Bobby wasn't perfect enough.

Finally, we come to the credits. And some commercials. Did you know that if you join the Army, all you'll be doing is delivering food to homeless people? No, really, that's what my TV tells me.

"Also starring Bradley Cooper." Woohoo! More pretty for my screen. His name is pretty, too. I think I'll just call him Bradley Cooper. Grace is walking across the quad (or the triangle, or the octagon, or whatever) with the aforementioned pretty. He starts to say something to Grace, but she (naturally) interrupts him to hand him some documents. He thanks her for the opportunity to be abused as her T.A. (again, I'm paraphrasing), and she immediately starts the abuse by criticizing his choice of words. He tells her that he doesn't expect any special treatment, and she thinks that he's implying that he's heard that she's a pushover when it comes to T.A.s (you know, letting them get away with plagiarism and all). It's clear that he actually meant something else when he brought up special treatment, but he clams up when she asks him about it. She tells him to bone up on his feminist reading before the next class, and when he tells her he's already read the book she suggests, she starts quizzing him right there: "What are the chief qualitative differences between the first and second wave of feminism?" Um, the first wave wore bloomers and the second wave wore mini-skirts? (That's a joke, by the way. Save your righteous emails for somebody else. ["Plus I bet Elizabeth Cady Stanton went commando from time to time." -- Wing Chun]) Bradley Cooper aces the quiz, and Grace rudely tells him to shut up.

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