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Jack, Coltney, and Marcus walk out of a classroom as Jack asks if "anybody's up for a last ditch Chem cram tonight? I've got the caffeine pills and the jerky." Heh. "Cram." "Jerky." Heh heh. Coltney's out because she has to babysit, and Marcus has to work at the diner. Jack tells him to blow it off, pointing out that Marcus isn't even getting paid, but Marcus would rather fulfill his family obligations than sit around eating chaw sticks with Jack. Jack starts talking about the track meet coming up that weekend, and Marcus is rather noncommittal before walking away. Coltney's been nearby for this conversation, and after Marcus leaves, she comes and sticks her horsey nose in his business, telling Jack that "he seems kind of out of it." Jack blames it on nerves about the track meet, pointing out that it's the biggest meet of the season and that if the team loses, they won't make it to regionals. Just then, Dee Vine walks up and possessively grabs hold of Jack, asking the two of them if they want to walk her class. "Yeah," says Coltney, "wouldn't want to get lost." And then what does Coltney do? Of course, she stomps away.

Bobby and his little blond friend Warren are walking into the synagogue. They exposit that they are going to meet the rabbi, who told Warren to find someone to help him learn his portion of the Torah. As they walk in, it becomes clear that Warren has told the rabbi that Bobby would be coming to meet him, but not that Bobby is not Jewish.

Bobby and Warren are sitting in the rabbi's office, where the rabbi quickly learns that Bobby is a secular humanist (although Bobby pronounces the phrase as though he's sounding out difficult foreign words). Despite the fact that they are in Hart, Missouri, the rabbi has a Yiddish accent like you wouldn't believe. He's also greatly overplaying his role, waving his hands around and pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. Will I go to hell if I call a rabbi a ham? After dressing down Warren (not like that, you perverts -- he's a rabbi, not a priest), the rabbi agrees to let Bobby help Warren prepare for his bar mitzvah, telling the two of them to return tomorrow.

Future Marcus tells us that he doesn't know exactly what set Bobby down a religious path. He's certain, however, that whatever it was did not come from Grace.

Grace is lecturing in a large classroom filled with students. Oh, I almost forgot something:

Dear Jessica,
Thank you for the four-line rule.

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