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Grace's office. She asks Bradley Cooper once again why he said that she didn't need to give him special consideration. He stammers a bit, and then says, "Because I'm gay. And I'm going to be spending so much time with my new recapper boyfriend that I won't really be able to get any work done." Oh, sorry. That was just in my head. What he really says is, "Because I'm white. And male." Grace and I both wonder what the hell he's talking about, because it's clear that she would never give a break to a white male. He deftly changes the subject, asking if Grace wasn't a bit hard on Hebba. She explains that she was actually trying to help Hebba, because "female fundamentalists are often the ironic victims of their own fanatical beliefs. Come on: a woman in 2004, covering herself, in this country?"

Just then, there's a knock on the door. It's Todd, the president of the Campus Christ Coalition. He's there to explain how upset his group is at Grace's hostility to religion, and to let Grace know that until she apologizes to Hebba, they intend to protest by staging a walkout on her class. After he smarms out of the room, Grace tries to laugh it off. When asked by Bradley Cooper what she plans to do, she pulls a W. and says, "Aw, bring it on. They may be self-righteous, but I'm right." Fade to commercials.

The camera is hovering just over Grace's shoulder as she walks into the lecture hall. She starts talking, and then notices a crew with a large-sized video camera in the middle of the room, filming her. I don't get it. Is this a news crew, or the Campus Christ Coalition? She's definitely taken aback, and nervously starts her lecture. She's giving an overview of global events that took place in 1930 -- and I do mean global, hitting on the Nazis, Gandhi, and the Chinese Nationalists in one short sentence. What class is this, exactly? Last time, she was talking about religion, and now she's giving a history lecture. As she starts to speak, students start to get up and leave the room. It's hard to tell how many participate in the protest, but it looks like at least half a dozen. Grace is freaked out, but steams on with the lecture. Well, Grace, you complained that this generation wasn't protesting anything. Be careful what you wish for.

Warren is reciting for the rabbi and Bobby at the synagogue. He's doing a lousy job, and Bobby soon jumps in to correct him. The rabbi is impressed with Bobby's quick mastery of the material, and then leaves for an appointment. Bobby turns down Warren's offer of a ride home from his mother, claiming that he would rather walk. However, once he's away from Warren, he ducks into the room where the Torah is kept and slips a tallis over his shoulders. He opens the Torah cabinet and is about to touch the Torah when the rabbi finds him. "What are you doing in here?" Bobby: "I, uh, I missed my ride?" Well, now we know that freezing up in a crisis is a regular thing for Bobby. The rabbi angrily walks over and closes the Torah cabinet, pulling the tallis off of Bobby's shoulders: "This isn't for you to be playing with." Bobby explains about the father and son he saw before, and the rabbi tells him, "You shouldn't be eavesdropping on people." Bobby: "It was more like spying." Rabbi: "Well, you shouldn't be spying on people." Bobby goes on to ask the rabbi whether, if Bobby's father is Catholic, Bobby is Catholic as well. Why does he assume that his father was Catholic just because he was Mexican? Bobby wonders, if Warren's father is responsible for his sins until his bar mitzvah, who's responsible for Bobby? And why does Bobby keep talking about himself in the third person? Oh, wait, that's not him -- it's me. I got a little confused there for a second. The rabbi and Bobby sit down for a chat, the rabbi explaining to Bobby that he actually didn't have an appointment -- he just wanted to get away from Warren.

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