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Future Marcus tells us that once Bobby was elected to the White House, every religious group in the country came asking for special favors. Bobby would meet with them, but would always turn them down, disgusted by people's efforts to use their religion to advance their political agenda.

Jack is at dinner at Dee Vine's house, kissing parental ass like it's going out of style. Oh crap. Dee's father is Ed Begley Jr. What the hell did I do to deserve this? Okay, soldiering on. As Jack tries to maintain polite conversation, Dee slips off her shoe and sticks her foot in his crotch. Jack is mildly freaked out, and tries to push her foot away. Rev. Ed congratulates Jack on being asked to rejoin the track team, but Jack is not so sure he wants the spot if it comes at the expense of Marcus. Rev. Ed commends Jack's loyalty, but tells him he also needs to look out for himself. Oh, I see -- he's going to be one of those ministers. I generally can't stand Begley, but he's just perfectly smarmy for this role. At the moment, he's offering himself up to Jack. As a counselor, you freaks. It comes out that Rev. Ed had an ulterior motive for inviting Jack to dinner -- one that Dee Vine never bothered to tell Jack about. She gets a wicked look in her eye when Jack learns this. I think Keri Lynn Pratt does a great job with this role. Rev. Ed invites Jack to join him in his study. Wait, maybe he is offering himself up to Jack.

In the study, Rev. Ed tells Jack that it's about time someone had a talk with him about the changes his body is going through. Well Ed, at your age it's just natural that your hair would start falling out and you would experience impotence. Oh wait, he's talking about Jack's body. I'm getting a bad feeling in my stomach. Rev. Ed tells Jack that he was once a teenager, and knows all about hormones. I don't believe I'm being forced to write about Ed Begley's hormones. Do I get hazard pay for this? Rev. Ed tells Jack that he is going to ask Jack to do something, and then he pulls his chair up so that he is practically straddling Jack. "Take my hands, Jack. Put your hands into my hands." Oh, scary. And then Rev. Ed asks Jack what he thinks about Jesus. Jack thinks that maybe he's "pro" and Rev. Ed. thinks "that Jesus is awesome." And then Rev. Ed tells Jack that Jesus wants Jack to avoid the natural urges that will endanger his immortal soul. And then Rev. Ed asks Jack if he would "pledge, on [his] immortal soul, that [he] wouldn't disrespect [his] body or [Dee Vine's] body." Jack, stutteringly, agrees. And that, blessedly, ends my involvement with one Ed Begley Jr. He's all yours now, Jessica. ["Not really; this is the last Jack & Bobby recap TWoP will be doing." -- Wing Chun]

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