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Better Days

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Better Days

Oh, God. I forgot about the stupid Moonlight Address. Anyway, Grace gives this long, "stirring" speech to the assembled, in what is like Christine Lahti's fortieth monologue in this two-episode-long series. "You will fail here. All of you. College is not the culmination of your high-school career; it is the beginning of your adult life. Only it's a slow, sweet beginning that blah blah blah blah blah blah four-line rule." Peter Benedict looks moved, while I get up and go into the kitchen and slaughter a cow and grind the beef and grill a hamburger. When I come back, she's still talking about how failure shapes you and bliddey blahdey Chicken Soup For the Freshman Soul. "Embrace the new person you're becoming," she says, after about twenty more minutes of monologue. "This is your moment. I promise you it is now. Now! Now! Not two minutes from now, not tomorrow, but REALLY NOW." Then she breaks into "A Moment Like This" from the first season of American Idol and I'm a bit embarrassed for everyone concerned, especially Christine Lahti, but even for myself. "Own that! Know it!" Grace continues, sobbing at the power of her own fucking speech. "Have a Little Faith In Me" swells in the background. Jack and Bobby and the extras try to look moved.

Senator from THE FUTURE. So, if anyone cares, Bobby became an independent. "I guess this was his way of turning me down," the Senator says, adding that Bobby just caught on fire with the public and totally kicked his ass. And "Have A Little Faith In Me" was his theme song. And, verily, it was good: "That's a heck of a campaign song. And McCallister won it, then and there. He won it in that very moment." Well. That's great. I couldn't be happier for him.

Meanwhile, in the present, the family makes cookies. Or maybe they're pot brownies. I don't know.

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