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Better Days

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Better Days

...Jack storms downstairs and breaks up the pot party. This poor kid is really forced to be the adult in every single situation, isn't he? Grace, stoned, protests. Jack is doing the whole "nothing to see here, move along, move along" as he escorts the college students out of his home. Grace squeals that she'll see the kids at the "Moonlight Address." Courtney comes down the stairs and tells Grace that her dad says "to say hi." Grace makes a face. "Oh, well, that's...courteous," she says. Jack apologizes neatly to Courtney for the end of their study session, and I think one of the reasons I find him so dreamy is because he is so mature and responsible. I feel like if we got caught in a tornado or something, he could protect me. This is clearly a concern here in Los Angeles. Courtney tells him something I don't grasp because I have been hypnotized by all her teeth. She makes Julia Roberts look like she hasn't lost all her baby teeth yet. Grace tells Courtney that she'd really appreciate it if she wouldn't tell the president of the university that she was giving her students illegal drugs. Courtney gets it, she says, and takes off.

Jack gives Grace quite a look, once they're alone. Bobby watches from the foot of the stairs. Jack thought she was going to give up the weed. "It was one joint. The equivalent of a glass of red wine," Grace yells. She needs something stronger than pot to chill her out. Maybe an animal tranquilizer. Bobby looks sad as Jack continues to lecture their mother, who tells him that when she was in college, she was, like, naked and high all the time, and it was great: "Kids today are so mechanical and cold." You mean, like, your own kid? Who has to be the adult in every situation because of your behavior? Jack informs her that she has a problem, and she whines that she won't do it anymore, and Jack wisely reminds her that she said that last time: "And I got kicked off the team because my little brother bought your pot to school." Grace promises faintly that this time she totally means it: "I give you my word." Jack spits that he doesn't know what that's worth. Grace sarcastically wonders if he'd like a "signed affidavit." Well, I feel like he'd probably like to get to be the child in this relationship. Man, I hate Grace more than I ever hated Dawson. And it's only Episode 2. Everyone storms off, except Bobby, who makes his Sad Puppy Face.

Senator Talking Head from THE FUTURE blah blah blahs nothing about nothing until we finally get to the reveal: Bobby was a Republican. Oh, Gawd, no! The horror! We should probably go out behind the shed and kill ourselves right now.

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