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Better Days


FUTURE Marcus tells us that he remembers the day Bobby told Grace he was a Republican: "It was like coming out, you know? Coming out of the closet. As an ax murderer." Oh, Marcus. I wish you -- either present or future version thereof -- had more lines.

Present day. Grace is buzzing and fizzing around her office, helped by her extremely able assistant -- let's call her Sassy Black Assistant, because that's the cliché she clearly represents -- who tells Grace that her shoes are ugly. I love Sassy Black Assistant. Grace reads a memo and then loses her shit when she reads that Peter Benedict "cancelled the Moonlight Address." Cue a long endless speech from Lahti -- yet again -- that I don't really feel like recapping, mostly because she's such a line hoarder. She has, like, nine speeches in every scene. It's tiresome. Why doesn't anyone -- other than me -- tell her to shut it? I've decided that I won't stand for this kind of shameless line hoarding and I plan to ignore anything she says that exceeds four lines in a row. The speech ends with Grace stomping off to see the Money-Grubbing Whore in a total huff over this cancelled academic snorefest. "I'd buy a ticket to that," Sassy Black Assistant mutters as Grace storms off. I wish she was Jack's mom. I imagine Jack does, too.

Speaking of Jack, he and Marcus are at school, discussing Jack's attempt to make the transition from "friends" to "romance" with Courtney. He feels that you have to very slowly make that crossover, whereas I feel like you should just grab the person and kiss him or her. Life is short. Especially yours, Jack, just so you know. So you should probably get on that. Marcus agrees with me, telling his friend that he had better get a move on it. At this point, Bobby pops up and says something I can't hear because the sound mix is really bad in this scene. Jack instructs Bobby to make himself scarce at lunch and tells Marcus to act as his wingman. Poor Marcus. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Marcus says he can't: he has to go to the pep rally: "I'm sorry." He adds something about the relay team that I can't hear over the sound mix. Turn down the Ambient Warner Brothers Soundtrack, people. At any rate, Jack looks pleased.

Over at the university, Grace storms into Peter Benedict's office, yipping about how very very wrong he is to cancel the Moonlight Address, and man, is she scary. "The usual salutations are just too banal for you, aren't they, Grace?" Peter retorts calmly, bless him. She goes off about how the Moonlight Address is all about, like, the sanctity of the trees, or something likewise ridiculous. "Okay, I'm just going to kick it off. Good morning, Professor. You're looking wonderful. Please have a seat," Peter says calmly. I am a little in love with him. Grace's mouth hangs open, and then she sighs. "Hello President Benedict I hope this morning finds you well," she speeds. "It's going very well," he chirps in response. "And you?" They speed through additional pleasantries-- it's very funny -- for about a second, until Grace cracks and she starts yelling at him again. Grace, this is your boss. I know you have tenure and whatnot, but this really seems like bad workplace form. In response to Grace's Diatribe About The Horror of the Loss of the Sacred Moonlight Address, Peter calmly responds that he doesn't like speeches, and then asks if she got "that hi" he sent her. He was just wondering about "the hi." Grace retorts that she got "the hi." Why didn't she respond to "the hi"? "I thought you'd be a stickler for etiquette," Peter tells her. Grace rolls her eyes. "In those situations not calling for eighth-grade diplomacy, I am," she said. Um, like, when would that be? When are you ever acting more mature than your youngest child? For that matter, when are you ever even being polite? Grace is about to continue when Peter is called into a meeting. He gets up to go. Grace snaps that she needs to know if he's reinstating the address. He doesn't think so. He needs to focus on, you know, keeping the university out of bankruptcy. "If it means that much to you, take it up with the speech committee," he tells her. Which is meeting the next night. At a restaurant. And it's just him. Because haranguing women are HOT. Grace looks gobsmacked yet again as Peter leaves her on the steps yet again.

FUTURE Marcus informs us that Grace hates the Republicans and kept saying that it was "so wrong." At first, he thought she meant the EGJnolegghlz3q15y. Sorry, I fell asleep. I'm over this whole Tracing A Young Man's Ascendance To The Presidency thing already. Anyway, Grace thought the Republican party was "wrong for Bobby." Wow, color me shocked.

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