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Better Days

Speaking of Bobby, he's zoning out in the lunch line. Courtney skips over and snaps him out of it. She is so toothy, I kinda can't get over it. Pretty girl, too much teeth. She drags him against his will to a table where she's set up camp with Jack. Bobby throws Jack an apologetic look and makes some noise about wanting to eat inside, but Courtney will have none of it. "Hi Jack. I just ran into Courtney and she really wanted me to eat with you guys so I'm just gonna eat my sandwich and I'm gonna go, okay?" Bobby then spits out. Jack says nothing. In the background, the pep rally kicks off, the cheerleaders scream, and Courtney launches into her weekly Diatribe Against The Evil That Is School Spirit. "If you're not one of the Stepford Cheerleaders, what is there to do on the weekend?" she asks. The Stepford Cheerleaders would be an awesome show! I want to recap that! ["If you don't write a treatment for The Stepford Cheerleaders so you can start pitching it around, I will be extremely disappointed in you." -- Wing Chun] Bobby tells her that people pretty much hang out at the Rock and Bowl. Courtney thinks this sounds like wholesome fun. "Do want to go?" she asks, and Jack perks that he could totally pick her up. "Yeah, right, in your Mustang, I hope," she snorts. "I'll just meet you guys there. You're coming, right, Bobby?" Bobby looks uncomfortable, and, behind them, the pep really kicks it into high gear. Courtney is pained by the cheer in the air like and, yes, stomps off. Jack looks pained. Oh, Jack. Move on. She's not the droid you're looking for.

McCallister Manor. Grace is putting on her lip gloss in the bathroom, and she and Jack have this whole thing where he's trying to open the medicine cabinet and she needs the mirror and whatnot, and eventually, peace is brokered in the McCallister Master Bath. "Where are you going?" Jack asks. Grace: "Committee meeting." "Dressed like that?" She makes a face at him. "Where are you going?" she asks. Jack: "Bowling." "Dressed like that?" she snarks. Grace has been putting on her lipstick for literally minutes, daubing at her lips over and over again. It doesn't take a woman that long to put on lip gloss! If they wanted her to be taking a long time in front of the mirror, the EYES take the longest, what with the lining and curling and mascara-ing of lashes. Duh. Everyone knows that. "Who you going with?" Grace wonders, and makes her surprised face when Jack tells her he's taking Bobby. "Something wrong with that?" Jack asks, and storms off. She is still dabbing at the exact same spot on her lips.

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