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Better Days

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Better Days

As Courtney helps Bobby, Jack is greeted by a high-voiced girl hanging with "the team." She's known best to me as Dee (formerly Bo) Vine of Drive Me Crazy. They chat, Dee reminding him that just because he's suspended from the team doesn't mean he can't hang out with them anymore. "Are you babysitting?" she asks.

Over at their lane, Courtney asks Bobby who Dee Vine is, and Bobby explains that Jack and Bobby dated until Dee dumped Jack for the quarterback of the football team. "I probably shouldn't have told you that," Bobby adds.

The Senator from the FUTURE pops in at the point and says a whole bunch of stuff about how, in the future, the Republicans thought Bobby wasn't conservative enough. That bite has nothing to do with either the scene prior to it, or the one following it. Unless by "conservative," the Senator means "discreet."

So, Grace shows up for dinner with Peter, still in a huff thanks to the really boring lay-off subplot. Poor Peter Benedict. He's got a better chance of nailing his dead (crazy?) wife than he does this woman. She launches into -- say it with me -- a long, high-strung speech about the firing of her assistant, and he informs her that he had to "cut the fat." Grace: blah blah blah we're well over the four-line maximum, Lahti, so shut it. "Did you consult anyone?" she inquires. Peter points out that he consulted his entire advisory committee: "I just didn't consult with you." He then informs her that the university had been having serious financial issues even before he was hired. "Our financial situation, of course, being paramount," Grace sniffs. Peter points out that if they want to educate people, they really do have to...you know, keep the doors open and stuff. Grace launches into some more Self-Righteous Blather, which Peter cuts through by reminding her that she has both email and a slew of TAs. She doesn't need someone to print out her emails for her. "She's not just a job function," Grace says. "But her job has lost its function, so I fired her," Peter says, and then tells Grace that he gave everyone a very generous severance package. "Did you know that? By any chance? Grace?" he asks. Grace hems and haws that maybe she didn't know all the details. Peter makes an irritated face and tells her that he had the crazy idea that "dinner with an intelligent woman would be the perfect antidote to a crappy week of firing people." Grace makes a pleased face and opens her menu. "But now I've lost my appetite. So I'm just going to go. You stay. Have a nice dinner. At least I know you'll enjoy the company," Peter finishes and stalks off. Chalk up one for the money-grubbing whore.

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