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Better Days

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Better Days

Principal Mumbles's office. Jack has been called in, yet again. This can't possibly go well. Now, it appears that Bobby has told the principal the truth about the pot thing and now Jack is in trouble for covering for him, and the principal is thinking about executing them both, or something equally horrifying. Way to go, Bobby. Jack manages not to strangle his brother then and there, and assures the principal instead that Bobby is just trying to make Jack feel better about being off the track team and that this is what he's lying about. And Mumbles buys it.

So, this is the part of the show where Jack storms through the high-school hallways and yells at Bobby for being so dumb and ruining his life. You know, just like last week, except that Grace isn't there, so no one gets slapped this time. "You're my responsibility, dumb-ass," he spits, telling Bobby that he hates having him around because he makes everything worse. "You can never help, so just stay out of everything," Jack screams, before storming away. Bobby looks teary and sad. I would feel really bad for Bobby if his saintliness wasn't being shoveled down my throat at every turn. Yes, it is mean to yell at a sweet dorky eighth-grader. But it makes it worse when the sweet dorky eighth-grader is a legitimate pain in the ass, because then your audience feels all weird and uncomfortable because it makes them mean and horrible if they're relating to the yelling person and no one wants to feel weird and uncomfortable and mean and horrible while watching The WB.

Courtney from THE FUTURE pops up here, and blathers about how this primary -- remember, the one they're talking about in the bits from THE FUTURE? The bits from THE FUTURE totally disappear from my short-term memory mere seconds after I watch them -- got really personal, and the pollsters were asking all these hypothetical questions about how they'd feel if they found out that Bobby had a family member with a drug problem, or some illegitimate kids or killed a man or used to be a woman. "It wasn't Democrats making those calls. It was Republicans. His own party. I watched them devour him whole," she says, shaking her head.

Speaking of drug problems, Grace is home, listening to John Hiatt's version of "Have A Little Faith in Me" and smoking a joint. Bobby gets home all worked up over the Jack fight, and stumbles into the den to talk to his mom. She tries, but she can't hide that she's high. Bobby is clearly disappointed by her drug-addled attempts to relate to him, and looks even more stunned when she starts giggling as she pats a place next to her on the sofa. She then waxes poetic about the song, and chuckles about how they used to listen to it all the time, and make cookies! "We should do that again soon!" she chirps. Poor Bobby grits his teeth and nods. At last, Grace grasps that he's upset about something. "You're doing it again," he says. Grace immediately looks sullen, like a child. "Can we talk about this later?" she asks. "Just tell me what happened with Jack." Bobby almost stamps his foot. "He hates me now and it's all your fault!" he tells her. Thank goodness she's operating at her full mental faculties at the moment. Bobby then adds that he really doesn't want to talk to her when she's high. "I'm still me! Look!" Grace says, and stands, spreading her arms. "I wish you were someone else," Bobby says -- predictably -- and runs out of the house and down the street.

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