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McCallister Manor. The Morning After. Grace is trying to fix the kitchen sink, Bobby is telling her about the fight, and Jack is escaping to the place where dreams are made, inside his head. Grace's helpful take on the Warren Affair is that "conflict is inherent in human relations," and that he and Warren are both "ill-equipped to express their feelings." Yes, another practical suggestion from Mom. She then heads out to work, telling Bobby not to worry so much. He just wants people to like him, he sniffles. "What are you talking about? People love you," Grace tells him. Bobby: "Real people. OTHER people. People I'm not related to." Grace rolls her eyes and announces that this conversation "isn't worthy of [Bobby]." She takes a breath and rearranges her paperwork: "If Warren can't see what's special about you, then focus your attention elsewhere." Again, thanks for the hug and the kind words, Ma. In the background, Jack just looks pained. Has Grace ever just said, "Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry."? She tells Bobby that he'll make other friends, and asks him to hustle so they won't be late. Jack looks pained some more and gives his mother a dirty look as he walks past her. "What? He's just sensitive," Grace tells Jack. Yes, and you suck.

Bobby takes a mo' before leaving for school, by the way, to steal his mom's stash. You know, as you do.

School. Wayne is hanging with Warren and his cronies under the bleachers because that's where the smokers always are on TV. Bobby trudges up with his briefcase and informs them all that he's got pot and he's willing to share. But not that authoritatively, unfortunately. Warren makes a "shit, now he's cooler than me" face, but if Bobby were really cool, he'd start selling the pot. That way, he'd make friends and money. Wayne agrees to light up later. "Hey, Wheezer, nice going" Wayne calls after him. Bobby smiles. Clearly, Warren is peeved.

Inside the school, Jack is trying to make up with Courtney, who needs to invest in a more supportive bra. She tells him that Bobby was the only reason she was talking to Jack, because someone that nice to his bro couldn't be all bad. Er, Courtney? Jack wasn't that nice to him to begin with, and he's certainly gone out of his way to be REALLY nice to you. So I think you have things a little confused. And if you're worried that he just wants to get in your pants? Take a good look at the kid and take them off! Jack says that he's trying to help Bobby, but that it's hard. Courtney sniffs that she's pretty sure Jack just doesn't want to take the time. Jack insists that he couldn't help Bobby if he wanted to -- not with their mom around. "Maybe that's just what you tell yourself," Courtney snaps, and stomps off again. Every scene in this show featuring Courtney ends with Courtney stomping away.

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