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So, NJB follows them out of the store, Casio in hand. "Want me to carry this out to the car for you?" he asks. "No, thanks, my son can carry it," Grace says with a wave. NJB looks at puny little Bobby and starts to protest, and Grace is all, "My other son," with a smirky "oh HO HO! No one puts anything over on ME" expression on her face and I have to say, I kinda hate her. ["'Kinda'? The woman is raising her children without TV! What is she, a Communist?" -- Wing Chun] "See you at home, Jack," she chirps as she sails out the door. Jack appears from behind a display, looking put-upon.

Talking Head Samble appears from THE FUTURE and yammers on some more about how says much has been documented about McCallister's childhood, but that no one knows...blah blah blah, something about the struggle between his "greatest ambitions and basest flaws." This is the point at which, were I doing this documentary at my current job, we would be asked make it a little more juicy. "Was the man so often referred to as The Great Believer a believer from the beginning?" Talking Head Samble wonders. Was the woman so often referred to as The Jack & Bobby Recapper aware that she would have a shitload of narration to recap every week when she took this gig? The answer to both questions is no.

Jack and Bobby walk home, Jack awkwardly lugging the Casio. Mama McCallister didn't even give them a lift? That's rude. Bobby is trying to explain to his brother how very cool his keyboard is going to be, but Jack isn't biting. "I could have a band," Bobby offers. "You need more than two people to be in a band, dumb-ass," Jack points out. That's true. Otherwise, you are only a duo. Jack also doesn't care about Bobby's newfound and fake desire to be a concert pianist. "The point is, it's not what you wanted. It's what she told you you wanted. And you agreed like you always do," Jack grumbles. "Not always," Bobby mutters. Oh, Jack. Weight of the world on those manly shoulders. Come over here and let me comfort you.

Jack stops midstride and hands Bobby the Casio, because he can spy on the movers across the street better if he doesn't have his hands full. Bobby, for his part, takes this moment to exposit helpfully that they're staring at the new college president's house, and that Grace thinks said college president is "a money-grubbing whore." I was a money-grubbing whore for Halloween once. That was pretty fun. Jack tells him to shut up, so he can concentrate on checking out the hot chick talking to the movers. Well, he thinks she's hot. I think she's sort of Normal Girl Pretty, which is nice for The WB. She looks like a cross between Amber Benson and Anne Hathaway. ["Only reeeeal toothy." -- Wing Chun] "Is that his daughter?" Bobby asks. "How should I know? Have I seen anything that you haven't?" Jack retorts. They both gaze at her until Bobby starts to drop the Casio, and they realize they best scamper home to Mama Bear before she eats one of their neighbors.

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