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The Kindness Of Strangers

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The Kindness Of Strangers

Meanwhile, the party is raging! The phone rings. Bobby is off simulating flight for Courtney, so some random dude answers it, and it's Grace, of course. "It's a party! And it's awesome! You should come!" Random Dude yells at her.

Grace, of course, then completely loses her shit and leaps up from her dinner with Charming, Delightful, Could and Should Do Better Peter Benedict, babbling that she has to go home and kill Jack and blah and blee and so very much yelling, won't someone think of my ears? Finally, Peter manages to point out that Grace is in the middle of nowhere without a car, so why doesn't she sit down, chill out, and call the cops on the party? Peter is wise. I wish this show were about him, and Jack and...the end.

Upstairs at Party Central, Courtney is really, really bored of the flight simulator. She gets up and announces that she's going to look for Jack and then head home. Bobby squeals something about showing her his map collection, but she tells him that she really needs to get going. She just wanted to apologize to Jack for being such an uptight pain in the ass. "I have this thing about saying what I'm thinking without thinking? It's a problem," she explains. Jessica Paré's delivery was really cute on that line. Bobby tells her that he messed up, too: "I did something horrible." Really, really, extremely horrible. And it almost cost him the election. "I think I'm a bad person when I get nervous," he says. And apparently, according to the interviews from THE FUTURE, that never changes, and is that the kind of person you want to elect President? Apparently, it ought to be. Bobby tells Courtney that he was really enjoying his new classes and all his new friends, but then it turned out that all his new friends were assholes. Courtney looks sympathetic and tells him that he'll find a good group of friends eventually. "More friends than you know what to do with," she smiles. But for now, she says, Bobby's got her. She smiles again, and turns to go. "Tell Jack I said I was wrong, okay?" she says, and Bobby says he will.

Of course, on the way out, Courtney runs into Jack and Dee coming out of the bathroom looking all flushed and disheveled. Courtney -- who told Jack he shouldn't wait for her, mind you -- bolts, and Jack gives chase. For about a second. "Let her go," Dee advises, not unkindly.

Oh, God, now we have to sit through Further Confrontations With the Plagiarizing TA. I plumb forgot all about this boring plot. Tammy informs Grace that she totally rewrote her dissertation. Well, okay, the first two chapters anyway. "I wanted to show you I could do this," Tammy says. Well, I think it's assumed, by the time you're in a PhD program, that you can write a paper without copying from someone else, but maybe I'm mistaken. Grace tells Tammy that she's not interested in reading said dissertation. But she's not going to turn Tammy in, either. And then, we get a monologue so long that it violates The Four-Line Rule multiple times. Basically: Grace was on the application committee when Tammy applied. Tammy's application was kinda feh. But Grace wanted to admit a woman rather than an "unencumbered white guy," who, I am sure, Grace just assumed was unencumbered because he was a white man. I am in favor of affirmative action, but how does Grace know that said white guy wasn't supporting his ailing widowed mother? Or taking care of his autistic brother? Or something. Assumptions, Grace, are dangerous. Anyway, blah blah blah affirmative action is good, but blee blee blee, Tammy ruined it for everyone for all time, forever and always, and Grace hopes Tammy's ashamed. She stops short of suggesting that Tammy kill herself out of shame, but just barely. Tammy sniffles that she feels REAL BAD about this whole thing, and Grace tells her to find a new job and a new advisor, because Grace doesn't want to have anything to do with Tammy ever, ever again. I would like to point out that at least Grace isn't screaming. Lahti, my eardrums thank you. Don't say I never said anything nice about you. "You are being given an opportunity to do better. One that you haven't earned. Try to mumble mumble mumble this time," Grace marble-mouths. See? She's getting tired, with all these lines! Give the woman a day off! Tammy thanks her. "You just saved my life," she says. Grace ratchets the Self-Righteous Meter up to eleven and responds, "Good, and Tammy, listen. Next time you meet a woman who needs help, make sure you give it. Who knows? Maybe she'll even deserve it." And with that, Tammy is dismissed! On cue, Grace's phone rings. It's Mr. Challenge, asking her to come down to school.

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