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The Kindness Of Strangers

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The Kindness Of Strangers

Over at Boring High, we learn that Bobby wants out of Challenge because he's a big baby who can't stand the peer pressure, even if he likes his classes. Or something along those lines. Grace is stunned. "I just don't want to be in there, okay? I'm not like those kids," Bobby whines. "Don't you want to be at the top of your class?" Grace asks. He whimpers that he doesn't know, but that he does know he doesn't want to be in the advanced program. Instead of probing for the real answers surrounding this change of heart, Grace just snaps, "Fine," and they start to stomp out. As they leave, Mr. Challenge comments that he found it "interesting" that Grace was so invested in having Bobby in the program, especially considering that she totally didn't care when Jack got in. Grace is, yes, shocked and dismayed by this news. "Jack? Why didn't you mention this to me last time?" she gasps. "All due respect, Professor? You don't give people much time to mention," Mr. Challenge says. Grace just flares her nostrils.

Paul Sorvino, the incumbent president from THE FUTURE, pops in to tell us that he took Bobby's Eight Seconds of Debating Failure to think back on his own presidency, and that he really thought and thought and he decided, "You know what? I totally am going to vote for this kid who can't handle the pressure of the debate instead of for myself." Because that would happen.

The present. Jack comes home to find his mother drunk at the kitchen table. "Did you get the cops I sent you?" she slurs. "You're mad," Jack says. She agrees that she is. But not about the party. About Challenge. Grace can't believe Jack is way smarter than she assumed he was. I can't believe I just recapped an episode that was basically about a bratty eighth-grader's course load. Jack explains that he knew Grace would make him take the harder courses, and that he didn't want to. Grace wheezes that she's made assumptions about Jack, not knowing about his test scores. Yeah, because you suck. Pay some attention to your kid, lady. "Is it so important to you not to stand out?" she asks. Jack points out that he was already the kid with no dad and a terrible mom, so being normal was important to him. "I learned to roll a joint before I learned to ride a bicycle," he tells her. And that's why he's so popular today! He complains some more, this time about how they never had food in the fridge and no TV, and...yeah, whatever. He's cute, but having a poorly stocked fridge and no TV -- although certainly hellish -- isn't really, like, the Worst Childhood ever. "So, what? Am I busted?" he asks. And Grace tells him he is, but then directs him to go meet his friends. Jack looks stunned to have escaped a scathing monologue, but he leaves. Grace makes teary faces.

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