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The Kindness Of Strangers

Senator Talking Head explains that President Paul Sorvino stepped in and answered the debate question for Bobby. Oh, give me a break. Like that would happen! That did it. I am so OUT as far as this show goes. "[Sorvino] saved Bobby. Didn't owe him a thing. And still, he rescued him," the Senator chuckles. Well, then, I think I would rather vote for him, as opposed to the guy who needed -- again! -- to get bailed out.

Present day. Bobby goes into the basement and apologizes to the Mr. Luis, The Ethnically Other Janitor. He's real sorry that he smashed his shrine. Mr. Luis is all, "Yeah, that shrine was for my dead (gay) son, so you should feel bad." Bobby makes some more whiny, whimpery faces. "He did a lot of stupid things when he was a boy, too, but he grew up to be a good man," Mr. Luis continues, and tells Bobby that his son was a Marine who recently died in Iraq. Now, that's a sad and dramatically compelling story, unlike everything else in this episode. Bobby takes a candle out of his briefcase and puts it on the shrine. "I'm sorry," he says. He's sorry, but Mr. Luis is sad. And I hope everyone learned a valuable lesson.

President Sorvino explains that he just felt bad for Bobby: "You know, I lost my son Walter in the War of the Americas. He died on the border. And when you lose a son, you miss him at the strangest times." He tells us that Bobby had a lot in common with poor dead Walter: youth, determination, optimism. I wonder if Walter also relied on people to get him out of jams and was a big quitter, like Bobby. Sorvino says he saw Walter in Bobby, and that Bobby looked like he could use some help. Okay, two things? First, these two minutes from Paul Sorvino comprised the best acting in this entire series to date. Second, do I want to vote for a man who has to get bailed out of everything, from eight grade foibles to major election blunders? No. No, thank you. I don't know, but I think that might be a little flaw in this show's conception. Because Bobby's starting to look...well, let's just say that he seems to lack leadership material.

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