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The Kindness Of Strangers

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The Kindness Of Strangers

When Bobby arrives at his Challenge classes, the kids are talking about space. Bobby is excited because he loves space. See Bobby love space. He then has this long boring exchange with Mr. Challenge about something space-related, and the space nerd sitting next to Bobby thinks Bobby is totally cool because he knows about space. Space Nerd asks Bobby if he wants to eat lunch with Space Nerd today, and I really just want to know who on the writing staff has a hard-on for the space program, because, really? We get it.

College of the Loud. Department of the Preachy. Old Plummy Accent Professor Merle comes sailing in, complaining that someone from the department has to go to this dumb faculty retreat that weekend, and that he doesn't want to, because he's got a lot of work to do, and he's behind and he doesn't know if he's mentioned this, but their TA is really, really bad. He gives Grace a look, and swoops past her into the lunch room, where the rest of the professors are rocking the bow ties, as professors do, and eating their little sandwiches. Another professor pipes up that, yes, Tammy is a total disaster. Grace takes this both stridently and personally and launches into a long monologue about snoooooooore. Oh, about diversity. "I'm black," one of the professors points out. "You're from Scarsdale, George," Grace spits. Oh, then I guess it DOESN'T COUNT. Shut up, Grace. Grace then explains that she's not talking about minorities, she's talking about women, and she will not allow this department to continue to exclude them and....we're at the Four-Line Rule! Thank you, Four-Line Rule! Blah blah "single mother," blah blah "cross-referenced," yada yada "Tammy's scholarship is tied to her work as a TA" blah blah blah blah blah. All the other professors just look vacantly past Grace. They're all wondering what they should make for dinner, or if they have time to swing past the dry cleaners, or if anyone would notice if they slashed Grace's tires on the way home. Finally, Grace sarcastically wonders if they ought to get another privileged white male to take Tammy's place. Because I guess Tammy was the only woman who applied to the PhD program, and they certainly had no gay applicants, nor any applicants of color. It's this one scrawny downtrodden white girl, or kiss diversity goodbye! I hate Grace. Plummy Merle announces that he has no desire "to see the girl undone," but, well, she sucks, and it's screwing him up. Grace finally agrees to go to the faculty retreat in his place, if he'll cut Tammy a break this weekend. Oy, this is dry. If I wanted to deal with academic jockeying, I would have stayed in academia. I mean, there was also that bit where I didn't get into the graduate school I wanted to attend, but whatever.

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