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The Kindness Of Strangers

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The Kindness Of Strangers

High School of the Doomed and His Wussy Younger Brother. Marcus and Jack shoot hoops. Jack makes small talk about the upcoming track meet, and Marcus wonders if Jack is going to attend said meet. Jack makes some weak excuse as to why he won't be attending, and then asks if they're doing anything after the meet. Marcus lies that they're not. Oh my God, seriously, could this show move any more slowly? I get that this whole moment is about Jack withdrawing from his friends because he's not on the team anymore and that's fine and I get it, but here's the thing: it is so not dramatically compelling. Could we have some punching, maybe? Or crying? Another slapping incident? A fireball? Shows where people just talk are fine if what they're talking about is interesting, but this? Not so much. You can't tell us that someone ends up dead and expect us to automatically interested in his tiny and easily solved social conundrums, because, guess what? We all have social conundrums and we all end up dead. Let's get some drama going here! Anyway, Jack knows that they're having a party and Marcus explains that the whole team has their little track panties in a knot because Jack isn't coming to their meets anymore and that's why they didn't invite him. Jack: "Wah wah wah, but I'm off the team and it's hard." Marcus: "If I were you, I'd be more supportive." Because Marcus is in love with him! Hot gay interracial love! That's the kinda WB-sanctioned drama I'm talking about! And sure, it's not in the script at all, but it's not like we spend enough time with these characters to find out anything about how they actually interact, and I'm bored and I'm just going to start making shit up now. And I'm starting with hot gay interracial love!

Could someone explain to me how this show didn't end up on CBS? Thanks.

Anyway, Grace is back at McCallister Manor, packing her totally fabulous leather suitcase and overnight bag and complaining to Bobby about Merle, and Bobby isn't listening to her because he's too busy talking about Pablo Neruda and, I mean, I know I just asked this question, but I'm really curious: does anything ever happen on this show? Maybe I'm just used to shows where, you know, people's ova get stolen, or they kill the man who mugged them by singing Carpenters tunes to them, or someone gets mauled by a man-eating tiger, or the like, but, man, is this show slow. Anyway. Grace is pleased that Bobby likes his new classes. He plops on her bed and gleefully tells her that all the kids are cool, and that he gets to eat lunch with them! Grace does not pass up this moment to tell Bobby that she told him so.

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