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The Kindness Of Strangers

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The Kindness Of Strangers

Enter Jack. Grace explains to him that she has to go to this work sleepover thingy, and that he needs to watch Bobby, and that they must behave perfectly in her absence, but that they may order take-out. Jack yelps that he can't watch Bobby constantly, because he's got a party to go to on Saturday. "Cool! Where?" Bobby asks. "Nowhere. God, you're like a tattoo," Jack gripes as Grace just sails out.

High School of the Chronically Bored. Population: me. Lunchtime. Bobby sits with two Challenge Nerds: one, Hunter Longhair, is playing with a pocket knife, so you know he's a Bad Seed. The other, NoName Shorthair, is a nonentity in this episode, so who cares? They're all gleefully making friends when the school's Ethnically Other Janitor, "Mr. Luis," confiscates Hunter's pocketknife and storms off with it, and Hunter gets mega-peeved and makes all kinds of aggrieved noises about his father and about his own dastardly plan to get his knife back, and because I've been watching TV for my entire life, I know that this will not end well for sweet, lame Bobby.

Cut to Courtney and Jack in the cafeteria. For two heterosexual teenagers of the opposite sex who are both single but who are not hooking up, they spend an inordinate of time together. I'm just saying. Start making out, or start making other friends, Courtney. Consider it some friendly advice. Courtney suggests that they sit with Jack's friends. She refers to them as "the jackets," which kind of puts a sting into her otherwise friendly suggestion. She promises to play nice, and Jack looks skeptical, but they take a seat. The Jackets are talking about the party, which has been tragically cancelled, since someone's parents found them out. Jack -- in a development that was telegraphed from practically the first frame of this episode -- offers his house for the party. And now he's back in everyone's good graces! Well, except for Courtney's, as she prissily notes that Jack's house will get "trashed." ["Which is why I never had any parties at my house any of the times my parents left me alone in it -- waaaaay too scared." -- Wing Chun] "What's your problem?" Jack hisses, after The Jackets scamper to spread the word about the totally awesome party at his place. Courtney rolls her eyes. "You're just being such a dude about it," she says. Courtney? HE IS A DUDE. Have you never met A BOY before? You are so naggy for someone who isn't even Jack's girlfriend. Jack snaps back that Courtney's not expected to come to the party, and, for once, he stomps off.

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