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The Kindness Of Strangers

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The Kindness Of Strangers

THE FUTURE. Paymer interviews that he thought Bobby was all prepared for the debate thingy, but then this totally attitudinal reporter asked Bobby why he never identifies himself as Latino, even though he's half-Mexican, and was that because he considers himself totally white? And Bobby? Was stymied. And, yes, yes, this almost cost him the election. I can't believe Paymer didn't think anyone would ask about the dead/missing Mexican/Chilean dad thing. Apparently, everyone's stupider in THE FUTURE.

Back in the present, Marcus and Bobby are prepping for the party while Bobby mopes that he's turned into such a hoodlum. He wonders if Courtney is coming to the party, and Jack doesn't answer him, but instead just reminds El Presidente that it's his job to answer the phone if it rings and to tell their mother, if she calls, that they're watching C-SPAN's election coverage. Because C-SPAN and a high-school kegger totally sound the same. ["A lot more people would watch C-SPAN if they did." -- Wing Chun] The doorbell rings, and some dudes traipse in with a keg. Bobby looks tortured. I need a Jell-O shot.

Boring Faculty Retreat. Peter Benedict and Grace chit-chat in the buffet line. It is along the lines of their usual chit-chattery in that she complains while he is charming and genial. Because he is a masochist, he soon drags her off to the bar to have a drink with him.

Speaking of drinking, the kids at Jack's are all up in that keg's grill. Whoo! Sorry, I was just getting into the moment. Unlike Jack, who is moping around and staring mournfully at the door. Dee Vine comes over --with her hair in an unfortunate half ponytail, I am compelled to add -- and says something about them being out of cups; he just continues to stare at the door. "I'm over here," she finally tells him, adding, "For a guy who just threw the best party ever, you could look happier." Dee, sweetpea, have you met him? Jack makes Fox Mulder look like a circus clown. He asks why she isn't at home mourning her failed relationship with the quarterback she dumped Jack for. "I did mourn. For, like, a week," Dee tells him. Seriously, I kind of love her. She announces that she wants to talk to Jack. Alone. About "stuff": "And then you can stare at the door all you want." Jack gruffly sighs and agrees, and they go into the bathroom together. Bobby watches them, sadly.

THE FUTURE. Senator Morgenthal uses with words "eight seconds" about four hundred and seventy times. Apparently, in THE FUTURE, Bobby continues to be really, really bad at debating and, guess what? It almost cost him the election. No, seriously. Can you imagine? I never would have guessed.

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