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The Kindness Of Strangers

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The Kindness Of Strangers

In the present, Bobby stands on the porch and looks mopey, which is the required facial expression of the night for McCallister children. Some dude next to him is giving directions to the party on his cell phone. He tells the person on the other end of the line to look for the house "with the dorky kid on the steps." He then turns to Bobby and says, "Don't move." Heh. That was like the best moment in this entire episode. Presently, Courtney shows up. "Jack said you weren't coming," Bobby drones. Courtney explains that, originally, she wasn't, and asks where Jack might be found. Bobby lies that he doesn't know and Courtney chirps -- if Courtney can be said to chirp, which, really, who am I kidding? -- that she'll track him down. Bobby, natch, does a whole lot of scrambling to prevent her from potentially finding Bobby and Dee in the bathroom, but...does he think Courtney's just gonna walk into the bathroom without knocking? Because that never ends well, even if you don't walk in on the boy who likes you that you're actually pretty rude to, making out with his cute ex-girlfriend who seems really nice. At last, Bobby manages to drag Courtney up to his bedroom to show her his flight simulator, and thank God that is not a euphemism.

In the bathroom, Dee explains to Jack that Quarterback Randy was "a complete moron," but that she was really mad at Jack for a really long time. She broke up with Jack, she says, because she got sick of trying to guess what he was thinking all the time. "Randy talked to me," she explains." "I talked to you," Jack said. Oh, Jack. I'm quite sure that you didn't. Dee grins. "Super-chatty, that's Jack," she says, as nonsarcastically as possible. "Whatever. If you don't care...I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry. I wish I hadn't messed things up between us, because I thought they were pretty cool." Jack smiles at her. Oooh, this show is boring, but he sure is cute. Dee grabs his shirt and pulls him closer. "I missed you. Do you know that?" she asks, smiling up at him. Hey, I've pulled that old trick! I have to admit, it usually works. Throw in some cleav, and you're golden. Jack grins that she hasn't missed him, but she insists that she's been thinking about him all week. "I want to try again," she says, and Jack starts to wonder how he can trust her, but she cuts him off mid-sentence and just kisses him. Hey, I've pulled that trick before, too! It also generally works. As it does here. "I missed that, too. Didn't you?" Dee asks when she comes up for air. And they totally start making out in the bathroom. Mmmm, I've done that, too. This entire scene was so nostalgic for me.

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