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The Barto And Ferret Show

Barto packs up and watches as the Ferret and her Furry Friends put her stuff in a cab and head for the airport.

All the gang, sans Barto, are in the airport. Gifts are handed around to the Ferret and hugs are exchanged. Elispa tells the Ferret to call them with any Leo sightings. Jill hugs her and tells her he's sorry about Barto, and the Ferret says, "Hey. Just don't." The Ferret heads for the plane when suddenly Barto comes running through the airport. He yells, "Audrey, wait!" and as he comes to a halt in front of her says, "I'm not letting you get on the plane until I tell you that I love you." "You told me. Thanks," snipes Audrey. Barto apologizes some more and explains that the way they've been dealing with their recent problems is by not dealing with it, and that it has to be all or nothing, because when it's not, he messes up. He says he loves her, and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, and that he wants to marry her, and that while he knows he can't expect an answer now, he wants her to know that every day he's going to be thinking about her and praying that she says yes. She gives him a little wordless Ferret glare and walks down the hallway to the plane. The Gang exchanges astonished looks. Somehow the attendant lets Barto by without a ticket and he follows Audrey for a few steps, as she walks away, crying. Fade out on Barto as he stands there, looking ineffectual. Back in the airport, the rest of the cast members are undoubtedly calling their agents as fast as they can, seeing if they can line up cameos on Roswell before that show gets cancelled too.

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